Thursday, March 27, 2008

What you should expect from your horse sitter.

(Part One of Five)

A professional horse sitter will not just agree to take care of your horses. They will want to come and visit with you and your horses free-of-charge.

The most important issue for an owner at this first meeting is to see how that person mingles with your horses. You want them to get inside the corral or the barn to touch your horses in a gentle way. See how they talk to them and most importantly see how the horses interact with them. If they are hesitant to do this, then you as the owner shouldn’t feel bad to say, “I don’t think this is a good mix.”

Should your horses be inside their stalls due to bad weather, when I arrive. I always go in the stalls with them, and then ask permission to lead them in and out of the stall for a short walk. Afterwards, I tell the prospective client whether or not, I am willing to sit their horses.

If you feel the mix is good, then you and the sitter begin the planning process.

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Bruce said...

When i was a teen i dreamed of owning a horse. Now i'm simply overwhelmed by owning a dog!

There is something very magnetic in the American narrative that makes owning a horse compelling.