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Artist Statement – Linda H. Feinberg

I began the study of art later in life while running my own home-based business (Z-Best Bookkeeping) in Manchester, NH. I had been writing for many years by that time (many poems and articles published), my children were grown, and I was looking for another creative challenge. My husband encouraged me to take art classes and try something new.

As a poet I create visual images and emotions with words. As an artist, I try to connect with the essence of the image aesthetically and spiritually. I work in acrylics, water mixable oils, pen and ink, colored pencil, watercolor and oil pastel. Locally I have taken classes with wonderful teachers. I am inspired by hiking and cycling in our beautiful state of New Hampshire as well as by the verses and images from our Ta’nach (Old Testament - Torah, Prophets, Writings) and liturgy.

I sold my bookkeeping business in April of 2011 and I am continuing my art studies. I am actively working with acrylic paints now. I focus on landscapes, flowers and occasionally animals. I am thoroughly enjoying my retirement. I spent 8 weeks in Israel during the winter of 2012, traveling and volunteering. In 2013 I traveled to Costa Rica and also took a trip to Utah and its magnificent national parks. You can see my artwork from these places in the galleries on my website.

I've continued with my writing as well. Since my poetry books are currently out of print, I decided to make them available as e-books instead.

On Kindle:
Red Poppies and Green Clover (excerpt)

Red Poppies and Green Clover (full book):

Gathering the Sparks (chapbook)

Until the Angels Call

Linda's Author Page on Amazon:

On Nook:

Red Poppies and Green Clover (full book), ISBN 9781310568282

If you would like more information, or would like to order any cards or prints, please feel free to contact me at my studio located in Manchester, New Hampshire near the VA Hospital.  Please call first for directions and an appointment to look at my studio as well as order prints or cards.  You may also order from my website: which has links to my blog and to other fine art sites which display and sell my paintings.

Phone: 603-645-6762         

“Express the spirit through what you paint”
Gu Kai Zhi (345-406 C.E.)

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