Saturday, July 1, 2017

Moving on

My last mural in Manchester, NH. I painted the homage to Van Gogh on the left of this garage door on Litchfield Lane.  My paints and brushes are all packed now.  We sold our house in Manchester and bought a house in Boise Idaho to be closer to family.  We leave for Boise on July 14th so I probably will not be posting again for a while.

To see more murals by other artists of Friends of Art Manchester, check out the blog post:
I was very impressed with the work of all the artists, especially the lion painted by Christine Keenan. I don't paint in that style, but I would love to try a piece like that. It looks like it would be a fun painting.

We spent 10 days in Idaho, house hunting, and visiting with family.  The house we picked is one level (Yay!, no stairs - I need a new knee, but that has to wait a while) and has a family room which I would make over into an art studio.  I'm really looking forward to this move even though it is a lot of work.  Boise is a nice city, although I'm not used to city sprawl.  The city is on a grid system and I don't think it will be difficult to learn once I remember which main roads are east-west and which ones are north-south.  I noticed that the road signage was much better than what we have in NH.

Once outside the city, it looks like NH as well although the mountains are certainly much higher. My daughter and I walked around this park which is near our new home. There are bike trails here too and I'm looking forward to biking in our new neighborhood as it is flat, not hilly like here.

We visited a friend in Idaho City. He lives in a hilly area with great views.  

Great restaurant in Idaho City.  We had lunch there but did not have room for pie.  I want to go back at some time just for coffee and huckleberry pie.

Our new home with the Sold sign. I am bringing a sketch book on the road (it is about a 10 day trip across country). This is the first time we have driven this far with a dog.  My husband and I share the driving and have done other trips of 1000 miles, but this is closer to 3000.  I hope to have wi fi at the hotels so I may post something in between.  Have camera and laptop, will travel. :)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Are we there yet?

I'm never sure when paintings are done. These have been sitting for a while in my studio and I'm not tempted to keep working on them, so I guess I'll call them done.  Top painting "Hot Springs" is from my trip to Yellowstone a few years ago. Oil on gesso'ed hardboard, 16" X 20". Middle photo "What's Out There?" are the tourists looking out at Glacier National Park, Oil on stretched canvas, 16" X 20". Bottom Photo, Bar U Ranch, (National historic site) oil on stretched canvas, 11" X 14". I haven't posted these to my web site yet. I'll do that this week. These two are from our trip to Canadian Rockies (Alberta, Canada).

I'm working on a larger canvas now, 20" x 24" of a scene from Idaho. I had sold the original one I did of this scene several years ago, that was monochrome, and now I'm working in color. I wanted a bigger picture to put in my new home when we move to Idaho in a couple of months. I'm not ready to post that one yet.

Spring has been a long time in coming to NH. The trees are finally blossoming, but there is still snow up in the northern part of the state. It's cold enough here that I had to turn on the heat for a little while this morning to take the chill off my studio. I still need a jacket and gloves to walk outside most days.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April is National Poetry Month

I haven't been writing much poetry this past year with all the changes going on in my life, but yesterday I decided to write.  This one is not part of my collections that are available as e-books on Amazon. The Hebrew title is for the word "In the image" from Genesis quote.


We are made in the image of God according to Genesis.
Does that mean that now that I am old, God is old too?
Does God have wrinkles, aches and pains like I do?
I have led an interesting life and have no regrets
despite all the mistakes I’ve made.
Retirement has agreed with me and
I keep painting all the places we’ve seen
as we’ve traveled.

Soon we’ll be off to a new adventure,
moving cross country to join our family out west.
While it’s hard to pack up our 30 years in this house,
I don’t have any emotional attachment to it.
It’s been a good home to raise children and dogs,
and I enjoyed having my office here for 23 years,
while not having to work for other people.
I think home is not a physical place, but the
spiritual and emotional place with my husband
and family.

I’m watching the snow melt today and enjoying the sunshine.
My earliest flowers have blossomed in a sunny spot,
the others won’t be far behind.
I hope we’ll find a new house with flowers or a big yard.
Our pup will have his “cousins” around to play with and
I will have granddaughters and more family nearby.

We’ll be back every summer to visit our family
in New England, so I don’t feel that I’m leaving
them behind.
As I get creakier, I am also waiting for the arrival
of the newest granddaughter, who appears to
be a few days late.  I think about giving birth
to my children and all the changes since then.
She will also be in the image of God and I think too
about the cycle of life.  I hope her life will be easier
and better than mine has been.

L’Chaim. To Life!

*Genesis 1:27 God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

©Linda H. Feinberg

Thursday, March 30, 2017


I have rarely been attracted to abstract painting, but after working on a realistic painting, I felt that I needed a break. A friend had posted a photo on FaceBook of Chihuly's glass installation and I remembered that I had beautiful photos from his exhibit at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston from a few years ago.  I looked at them and decided that would be fun.

I had purchased a few 11" X 14" canvases on sale recently so I pulled out the black gesso and prepared the canvas.  I picked out some bright acrylic paints and had a good time with my inspiration. This was fun to do and I even started a second one, combining the inspiration from the glass sculptures and a photo I took of two sparrows in front of my studio window.  Of course, it's not really spring here yet as we are expecting more snow, but the birds are singing and the plants are trying very hard to come up.  They will be buried under snow again tomorrow.  Mother Nature is not cooperating.

Meanwhile we are still packing and fixing up the house. Target date for our big move to Idaho is end of summer.  Lots of mountains and pretty views to paint in Idaho. :)

This is an oil painting I am still working on, the Bar U Ranch in Alberta, Canada.  I decided to let it dry while I was having fun with my acrylic paints. I will go back to it and finish it up soon.  I'll also finish up my other abstract and post that next time.

On the personal side, I had two eye surgeries this month (cataracts) and I feel really blessed that I can see well now. I am slowly getting used to needing reading glasses (instead of distance glasses or bifocals).  It's great to be able to drive without glasses and to see colors clearly now. My knee is slowly healing (had surgery in December) and I am walking better too.  While I'm enjoying my retirement, I'm not enjoying the aging process with my body, but as our friend Max used to say, "It's better on this side of the grass."

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Free Poetry e-book

This week only, one of my publishers is having a promotion on their site, not just for my first poetry book, but for other books too.

Here is the link:

The publisher is hoping to promote indie authors with this sale.  My other poetry ebooks are available through

I only put the first one on the Smashwords site as their publishing and formatting requirements were quite difficult for me to follow.  Amazon was much easier.

Poetry by author and artist Linda H. Feinberg. She takes the reader on her journey as her marriage ends. Refreshing and simply written, but with passion and joy. As a poet the author creates visual images and emotions with her words. She includes poems about her friends and family who give her the strength to continue her growth and ends with finding her true love and continuing her journey.
Poetry by author and artist Linda H. Feinberg. This poetry is similar to a journal of self-discovery after a divorce. Refreshing and simply written, but with passion and joy. As a poet the author creates visual images and emotions with her words. The poet’s journey starts with a search as her marriage ends, her anguish and fantasy life, her growth and anxiety as she starts a new single life. She includes poems about her friends and family who give her the strength to continue her growth and ends with finding her true love and continuing her journey. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

More fun painting

I enjoyed working on this acrylic painting during the snow storm the last few days.  The wind is really howling outside my window now although the snow is almost finished.  We had 13" on Friday and probably another 10" today. It's a good thing I really like snow!

Meanwhile I saw an image of brightly colored fish online and I knew I had many photos from my trip to Israel in 2012 so I pulled some of them out.  I combined several photos. There were many different kinds of fish in the aquariums at Eilat (Israel) and I enjoyed taking photos.  This painting is 11" X 14" acrylic paint on canvas board.  I used a brayer and fan brush at the top right to try to indicate some light coming in.

I don't want to start another serious painting until after I have my eye surgery next month.  Hopefully I will be able to see colors better once the cataracts are fixed. First the right eye will be done, then 2 weeks later, the left.  I have trouble seeing the different shades of green, also my night vision is terrible.  I'm looking forward to being able to see my toes without glasses!  The new lens that will be put in my eye will also correct my nearsightedness and I'll just need to pick up reading glasses.  I've been wearing glasses for 60 years so this will be a big change and I hope it works.

This one is not done yet. I'm not happy with the cirrus clouds and will need to work on them some more. These are hot springs at Yellowstone National Park. 16" X 20", Oil paint on gesso'ed hardboard.  I do enjoy working on this surface and I have one more board prepared, but have not decided what to paint on it yet. I'm leaning toward a more abstract sunrise or sunset idea, but need to think about it more.

Apparently I have always liked snow. This is a photo of me at almost 2 years old enjoying my sled in front of our house in New York. The storm was in February of 1948.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Serious painting vs. fun painting

"Mac" 8" X 10" acrylic on canvas board

While I am trying to learn how to paint impressionistically, but also realistically, sometimes I need a break just to have fun.  I had taken some photos of our lab mix puppy (now 1 year old) who is all black and decided to have fun with colors.  I based the outside on the painting I had made last year following the Art Sherpa (see my Oct. 24th post)(These are free instructional videos available online).  Then I decided blue and orange (complementary colors) would certainly be more fun than a black dog.  What I learned: Next time I would put the sunflower that is hanging right over the corner of the inset painting. I think overlapping it would look nicer, but this was my first time trying an inset design like this so I'm o.k. with the end result.

Cirrus Clouds over Yellowstone study, 11" X 14", WIP, acrylic on canvas board

Meanwhile I started another landscape, but done more loosely. I like this study and may make a full 16" X 20" painting of it. I'll probably spend some more time on the study as well to finish it off a little.

Glacier National Park, WIP, 16" X 20" on stretch wrapped canvas, oil

I have worked on this painting a little more, but I need to learn how to do shadows on faces before I can call it finished.  Actually, I need a good lesson on painting shadows wherever I see them. I am never happy with the way they come out.  More to study.

Two Jack Lake, 16" x 20" on stretch wrapped canvas, oil

I think this one is done. Two Jack Lake was on our tour of the Canadian Rockies last year (Alberta, Canada). I haven't put it up on my website yet as I'm still thinking about it. Sometimes it is hard to decide if a painting is done or not.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Video Classes

I signed up for Paint Along 30 with Johannes Vloothuis. The classes are online and run 4-6 hours each Saturday, very inexpensive and the recordings may be downloaded after the class is over. This first one is oil paint, Half Dome from Yosemite. I have never been there. I think the taller mountain needs to be even taller than I'm showing in my painting. I was working from his photo.  I was able to watch this one as he was doing it and follow the "chat" from the students.

Second class (photo below) was from Yellowstone where I have been in the past and have painted from my own photo. I had to watch the recording on this one and he was working in pastels.  I used thin oil paints on oil painting paper.  I could not figure out how to make the mist rising up look like it was supposed to look. I like my old painting better that I had done from further back in that canyon. Link here:  Canyon Colors

I did not enjoy working on this one, but I learned more about composition.

Last class which I only watched half of the recording and did not download at all was a watercolor of Murano, Italy. I tried to finish it up from his finished painting.  I did not have the right pigments and paper so I used some acrylics on hot press paper along with some pen and ink (for the drawing).  The teacher changed several items in his drawing after I had already done my drawing from the original instructions.  That didn't help either.  I was frustrated with it and did not enjoy the process.

My conclusion is that I need to be emotionally invested in an image to really want to spend time on it to create it.  I do not relate to other people's photos even if I have been to the same place.

I started a new painting today that I had done a study of before and I am much happier working on my own.  This is from Glacier National Park.  The tourist caravans have canvas roofs that open up so the tourists can stand up and enjoy the views and take photos.  I will work on this for a while, but here is my start and I am happy with it (oil on canvas, 16" X 20").

Sorry it has taken so long between postings. I had knee surgery on Friday and I am already feeling better.  One doctor I saw said I didn't need surgery and he did conservative treatments including shots that did not work. It took me a while to get an appointment with another specialist and get an actual surgery date, but I'm glad I was persistent. I'm looking forward to hiking again. I really missed it this past year.

Happy New Year to all. May it be a better year for all of us, filled with peace and good health (and more art of course).

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Being Thankful

I have so many things to be thankful for this year despite all the pain I've been in with a torn meniscus and osteoarthritis.  I'm thankful that I will finally be having surgery next month and I'm hopeful it will get rid of the pain, or at least diminish it.  I was very sad this year that I could not go hiking, but I enjoyed a couple of easy walks in the woods and viewing my old photos from old hikes.

The painting above is a small  (8" X 10") oil study that I am working on of the California poppy fields in the spring. I was there in 2010 with our children and grandchildren. That part of our family has now dispersed from that area (Antelope Valley/Mojave) to Idaho, Oregon, Colorado with only one grandson who has decided to remain in Mojave.  I have good memories of our time visiting there.  We plan on moving to Idaho sometime in 2017. That will be a big move for us after being in New England over 40 years.  Except for my years in Belgium (1969-1974), I have always lived somewhere on or near the East Coast. I'm looking forward to the move, but not the packing up of the art studio and the rest of the house.  We need to make a few improvements to our house before we put it up for sale next June.  We've been here over 30 years and some things are pretty worn out. Also have some puppy damage too.

Sculptured Rocks Geologic site (NH) study. This is one of the trails I was able to walk a little on. I could not go down to the creek below because I was afraid I would not be able to hike back up even though I had my hiking sticks with me.  I played with my acrylic paints for this one, 11" X 14". I still need more practice with shadows, but I was trying to get the light showing through the trees in the background too. The rocks were very interesting there.

I am only doing one craft fair this year, on Dec. 10th in downtown Manchester (1000 Elm St., Holiday Market).  I still have most of my paintings up on display a the Provident Bank in Bedford, NH (115 River Rd). The bank made a lovely reception for me this month, but I didn't sell any paintings. I had to take two down since they needed space for their holiday decorations, but there are still 18 more paintings up there. They have a great program that helps artists get exposure by giving them space in their branches for 6 months at a time.

I'm really and truly thankful that my wonderful husband encouraged me to take art lessons late in life. Painting is very enjoyable and while I may never sell many original paintings, people do seem to enjoy viewing my paintings and they buy cards and prints.  I get to enjoy the whole process of creating something beautiful.

We went to an interfaith service last night. The topic was "gratitude" - appropriate for Thanksgiving.  So tomorrow I cook the turkey and stuffing to bring down to family on Thursday.  I am grateful for the family here on the East Coast and will miss them when I move out west, but I'm looking forward to new challenges ahead and spending time with the family out west.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Still practicing

I think this is finally finished (see last post for earlier process) although I haven't put it up on my website yet. I'll wait a few more days in case I change my mind. (Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, water mixable oil paint on hardboard, 16" x 20")

Meanwhile, I did a group of studies of gates from my photos in Ein Hod last March. I find myself fascinated with all the wrought iron doors and gates. There were a few wood ones too.  I don't think I'll make any paintings from them, but they were interesting to sketch. I did pencil sketches first, then went over them with markers. Good practice.

I have done some paintings with gates in the past and they are on my website.

After watching a video showing how to use oil paints in a watercolor style, I practiced painting from my photo of Taylor Mill in Derry, NH.  Unfortunately we have been in a drought situation and the water was not running over the wheel. I had to imagine what it would look like. I'm hoping for lots of snow this winter, then I'll go back and take another photo or paint plein air. It was an interesting old building.
Taylor Mill study, 8" X 10", water mixable oil paint on canvas board.

I decided to get away from realistic paintings for a while and watched an online video of sunflowers done in a Van Gogh style. That was fun using acrylic paints.

Meanwhile, even though we have not had enough rain, the fall leaves are still looking very beautiful. This is a photo of the tree behind my house. I love the fall colors.