Monday, August 6, 2018

Painting fun and inspiration

I enjoy the Psalms while praying at Sabbath services. This time as we were chanting in Hebrew, I also studied the English and could see my old painting "Along the way to Eilat" in the background. When I came home, I cropped it and put the words on top. While the Jewish new year does not start until mid September this year, I have already been asked about new year cards so I combined the two thoughts.  The trees in the background are date trees, the mountains are in Jordan. The bus took this road through the Negev (desert) on the way to the southernmost tip of Israel which is a big tourist destination now (Eilat). To view the card better, click to enlarge. 

I have not been painting much since I returned from vacation. I decided it was time to clean off my painting area, feeling that it would be more inspiring to work in a tidy area instead of the big mess I had there.  I took photos of my paintings that I painted while on vacation in New Hampshire.

This was just a fun experiment with acrylic paints on a leftover piece of matboard. "Fireworks"

My friend decided it was time for me to try pastels. We rode around Exeter (NH) for a while and came to a nice scene. I have not done pastels before so I think I made a big mess. Anyway, it was fun and I enjoyed the morning outside.

My attempt at painting en plein air (outside) at my friend's back yard. I don't think my little oil sketch is worth developing further, but it was good practice.

On another day, another good friend drove us to Deerfield (NH) and we decided to try to paint the silo. The farm house itself and outbuildings were falling apart so I'm guessing most of this farm is not in use. The white bundles on the left side of the painting are wrapped up hay bales so the land is probably just used now for hay. Again, I don't think this little sketch is worth developing further. I did get a bit of a tan from painting outside.

I really admire artists who can do this kind of painting.  These were 2 hour sketches and I thought they were dreadful but I enjoyed trying something new (so not a waste of time).

To finish off the week we tried paint pouring. The top one is my Jackson Pollock style lizard. I put the scales and face on later.  I don't know what to call the others. I did see a face in the one on the left so I painted that on. I'm not sure what I see in the other one. Maybe a swimming something.  This is a great fun activity to do with thinned out acrylic paints.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Vacation (continued)

We had a lovely time on the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine. This was a nostalgia tour for us as we had one of our earliest dates there 33 years ago. We found a bench with a number 33 on it too.

We went back to the Currier Museum in Manchester. I used to be a member and I always enjoy seeing their new exhibits.

I found what I think is a red tailed hawk's feather on one of our walks. I've also seen deer and turkeys here.

This is just outside the apartment where we are staying on vacation in NH.

My son was kind enough to take me into Boston so I could see this sculpture. It is by old friends, Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein.  Donna and Andy have been very busy creating art this year.

Monday, July 16, 2018


I'm having a wonderful time back east. I love my new home in the west, but still felt a little homesick for all the beautiful greens in New Hampshire.  I decided to stay for 4 weeks. Hubby went back after 2 and while I miss him, I am keeping busy.  While he was here, we did lots of touristy stuff, including taking the Cog Railway up to the Mount Washington, walking the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine and more.  I have to pick from lots of photos we took so I hope my readers enjoy them.

We were above the clouds at the top of the mountain and it was cool and comfortable not too windy.  I finished reading Dan's book about his year of studying this mountain and highly recommend it. I guess we had never tried the Cog Railway before because it is quite expensive, but we enjoyed splurging since this was our vacation.  It was worth the ride.  We had hiked many times in Crawford Notch, but not up to Mount Washington.

We enjoyed walking around Dorrs Pond which was near our old house in Manchester.  It's still hard for me to walk too far (had replacement knee surgery), but I made it the one mile around the pond.

I've spent some fun times with artist Rollande Rouselle and other  artist friends who are trying to teach me plein air painting. I'm really terrible at it, but enjoying the learning process.

I think that's it for today. I'm having some difficulty with my laptop computer. I'll try again tomorrow to upload a few more pix.  This has been a wonderful vacation, but I'm almost ready to go back home to Idaho now.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Lydle Gulch

We tried a little walking on a trail near Lucky Peak (Idaho) called Lydle Gulch. Unfortunately, the trail was gated closed so we walked around a little on a different trail. It felt good to be outside even though it was hot. I still can't do uphill hiking, but I'm just glad to be out in nature at this point.

The foothills around Boise are full of sagebrush and other interesting plants.

My dragon design from the previous post was accepted and I look forward to starting the mural soon.  Meanwhile the walls are being pressure washed and primed.

This is the last serious painting I worked on. I am frustrated with oils and do not have the patience for them. I think I'm going to take a break and stick with some fun paintings for a while.

The trains in Banff (Alberta, Canada) run right down one of the main streets, beautiful mountains behind.  11" X 14" on canvas, water mixable oils.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


We met this handsome fella on our way to McCall, Idaho for a retreat weekend with our synagogue at Camp Ida Haven. We stopped in Smith's Ferry for a snack and bathroom break at a cafe along route 55. The retreat was relaxing and I enjoyed being up in the mountains and woods again.

Camp Ida Haven in McCall is on a beautiful lake. Some brave people actually went swimming, but the water was very cold. I'll stick to my swimming at the heated pool at the YMCA for now. McCall is 5000 feet up in the mountains. Some of the mountains in the area are 8000 - 9000 feet and still had snow on top.

On the way back, we took a little detour to see a waterfall.  The cliffs reminded me of New Hampshire's cliffs in Crawford Notch area.

Meanwhile I am back to painting.  I'm working on some sketches for a mural that will be done over the summer on the back of some buildings in Boise.  Some of the stores in that strip mall are Asian stores so I volunteered to try to design something appropriate.  The art group meets on Saturday for the first time so I won't know if my designs were accepted or not until then.  I'm still thinking of doing another sketch too.  I have more ideas in my head.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Exploring Idaho

Driving north, we took a weekend trip to Lowman, Idaho. We enjoyed the private hot springs in the hotel and did not try out the pool.  I was sad to see all the damage from the wildfires in the past. Some trees are growing back, but it take a long time and there is a lot of soil erosion too. The streams and rivers were running very rapidly, I assume from the snow melting in the mountains.

On the way back, we took Route 21, very windy, curvy and scenic, lots of canyons.

The next weekend we took a long (2 1/2 hour) drive south to Shoshone Falls.  That was beautiful too.
I am still struggling with hills so we did not do any hiking although there was a trail there I would like to explore when (and if) my knee heals.

I'm working on a couple of paintings and experimenting with materials. More on that next time. I am enjoying my new home in Idaho and there are many places to explore. We even found some easy trails not too far from our house along the Boise River.