Monday, January 28, 2013

Small Paintings

 I have started on a series of small 8 X 10 acrylic paintings on canvas board. I am learning something new from each one.  This is a fall view of the boatramp at Dorrs Pond in Manchester, NH.  I have several other paintings of this pond. It is near my house and I can have a good walk around the pond.  I love it in every season, but autumn is special.

This was a muddy day on a trail in Hooksett, NH.  Originally I had done a watercolor painting on a Fredrix watercolor canvas. I never liked it and put it away in a drawer.  I finally convinced myself one day last week to start cleaning out old drawers and when I found this canvas, I thought I would try overpainting my original with acrylic paint. I like the way it came out this time.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Canoe at Back Lake

The photo for this painting was taken several years ago when we were in Pittsburg, New Hampshire during the spring or summer. Pittsburg is at the top of the state, bordering on Canada.  It is a very large land area with very few people, a good place to have a quiet vacation.  Many people go there in the winter to snowmobile. We prefer to go in the summer to hike and fish and see the moose along the main road. There are many lakes and I've done other paintings from our trips there in the past.

This is a small acrylic painting on canvas board, 8 X 10. You can buy a print or card of it at my new website:

I have just started working on a series of "trail paintings". I am using 8 X 10 canvases as I work my way through them. Trails can be a metaphor for our journeys through life, or they can just be trails that we enjoy walking or hiking on. Once I'm done with the small paintings, I'll see if I like any of them enough to actually do a larger canvas. I have one left at 16" X 20" and I'm not sure what to put on it.  I still haven't finished the bison painting since I'm unhappy with the sky, but I bought a frame for it so I hope that motivates me to finally finish it.

I'm enjoying the winter and I love looking out at the beautiful snow outside. It's a good time to paint although I do get outside every day to walk too.  The birds are enjoying our bird feeder in the backyard. The birds on the branches of the lilac are juncos. They are small birds. I think the one on the feeder is a sparrow.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cold Beauty

Waiting for inspiration to come
     on a frigid night
Minus six outside and dropping
     icicles hanging down
Too cold for stargazing
     even the windows are frosted.
Yet the sun was out today
     although the high temperature
     only hovered around zero.
The squirrels were out too ‑‑
     snatching stale donuts
     from a hanging basket,
     chasing away the starlings.
The children stayed out to
     ride the sled
          laughing down the hill
          ignoring the cold
Cheeks all rosy
     when they came in
          to warm up at the stove
Hot cocoa and popcorn
     to fill them.
Others may choose milder climates
But I prefer it here
     the snow frosted tree limbs
          delight the eye
And the changing seasons
     satisfy the psyche.

ã1990 Linda H. Feinberg from “red poppies and green clover”

This is an old poem probably written around 1983 when I was living in Derry, New Hampshire. I thought it was appropriate for winter. I am looking out my window today and watching the beautiful snow falling. I remembered that line "snow frosted tree limbs" -- that's what made me think of this old poem.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Apache Blessing

There was an absolutely gorgeous sunrise this morning. I saw it on my way to the gym. When I returned home and checked my e-mail, I had an announcement from the new website that I had received an order for a print. What a happy day. :)

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

New website

Working on new website. It's very tedious loading so many images, but I'm determined to finish it this month.  You can look at what I have put up already and order from it at any time.

Please feel free to send me any constructive comments.  This is a commercial site so I won't be able to change too many things on it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bison on Antelope Island - WIP2

I have made some progress on this painting. I'm going to leave it for a while and think about it some more.  The day I was there, it was very overcast. I think I need more gray in the sky, but I don't want to make it too dingy.

Meanwhile, I am going to change my website during the first quarter of 2013.  I have been researching and found two artist websites that I think will work.  One of them will actually print the cards and prints. That site will also ship them to anywhere in the world. I just need to post the images.  The other is more for Fine Arts and will be a bit more professional.  I'm not sure yet whether I will do both.

I framed my snowmobile painting. It was up at the Bedford (NH) library for the month of December. It was an "Artist of  the Month" winner from the Manchester Artists Association last month. I am happy looking at it and now that we have some snow, I hope we can get out on that same trail with our cross country skis soon.

Happy new year to all.