Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekend in Vermont

I had my first experience with plein air painting in Vermont this past weekend.  Just figuring out what to pack was interesting.  Anyway, I followed some instructions on DVD's and in books and I had enough supplies with me.  I stayed at the home of another artist and she guided me to the locations.

I found it very difficult to paint like this.  I was using water mixable oils which I am trying to get used to. I still prefer acrylics, but they dry very fast, especially in the summer, so I thought it would be better to experiment with oils.  I tried a farm scene with a barn on my first day. (Four Corners Farm, north of Bradford, Vermont)

On the second day I tried a mountain scene. This one was in Newbury, Vermont, overlooking the Connecticut River Valley. The mountains seen are in New Hampshire, on the other side of the river.  This was a little easier than the barn, but I still had difficulty with the colors.  I may try to finish these two paintings up in my studio later this week.

I did some sketching too.  That was more enjoyable for me.

I put up more photos in my web albums at this link: Weekend in Vermont

Friday, July 11, 2014

Thoughts on my journeys out west

Thoughts on my journeys out west

and one day God mixed up
some pigments on the palette
and painted the rocks of Yellowstone,
Arches and Canyonlands
in beautiful hues

to add color in the seasons
cottonwoods and aspens in the fall
birds in bright plumage

and clean white for winter
as a break before
all the brilliant colors of spring

 copyright 2014 Linda H. Feinberg

We had a wonderful trip out west to South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Salt Lake City. I am glad to be home now and gradually catch up on everything.  I started my part of my art group's mural today and hope to finish tomorrow.  My 3' X 3' panel will show some red tailed hawks.  Our theme is "nature in the city".  You can follow our blog at: Friends of Art Manchester

Bald Eagle seen while rafting down the Snake River (Grand Tetons), Wyoming.

A quick photo taken by our guide at the Continental Divide.

The canyons of Lower Falls at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Lower Falls, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

More of my photos are at this link: 2014 Caravan Tour
The photos at that link are from South Dakota, Montana and Idaho.  I'll be posting more from Utah and possibly Idaho soon.