Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring is coming . . .

Spring is slowly getting here. We did not have much snow this winter (it all went south to my family & friends in NJ). It was strange to see bare ground in March.  Our house faces west and we see beautiful sunsets. The first picture is of the house across the street.

My tiny little windflowers came up already. We cleared the ground in my vegetable garden, put up the fence (to keep out the neighborhood cats) and I saw some scallions coming up. I bought more onion sets to plant in April.  Last weekend was a delightful preview, but it's cold again today. I'm looking forward to Passover next week and to the month of April. Happy holidays to all.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cards, Prints & Art by Linda

Setting up a new web page (an actual internet store) has been quite a challenge. Joe & I tested it out and it works! Please let me know if you find any glitches. I am new at this and would like to correct problems quickly. Readers, thanks for your comments. I have not had any time to write or create new art in the past few weeks, so I hope to get back to that soon. Meanwhile, spring is coming and we have lots of yard cleanup to do from the big windstorm. Happy spring.

If you click on the title above, it will take you to the store. The actual web address:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


move through the cold,
the dark, power out
wind howling outside
grab flashlight
silence the chirping alarms

snuggled under the quilts
warm with my hot flashes
wearing long johns,
socks and sweatshirt
cold nose tonight

God exhaled
and breathed Adam to life
“Ruach Elohim”
light had already been created
when Adam drew his first breath
not cold or dark then

can’t sleep
the windstorm outside
and the mindstorm inside
flow together
breath by breath
inhale, exhale
mind jumping
from thought to thought
image to image

no peace
no answers
no freedom
no messiah

some search
to connect
to belong
to know why we are here
is this all there is?

religions have answers
but no one size fits all
each one claims to be true
if you accept one
you reject another

can we live with questions
that have no answers?
do we live with answers
that have no questions?


© 2010 Linda H. Feinberg

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Windstorm last week

Just some photos of the damage from the windstorm last week. I have a few more to post later. I'm off to a web seminar in a few minutes. Thankfully our house was spared, but we have lots of branches to clean up in our yard. We were without power for 2 days.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Photo by Dina Freedman - Salt Lake City. My daughter is a meteorologist and likes to take photos of clouds. I thought this one was beautiful.

I have had no time to post while catching up on my work. Today is finally a little calmer. The windstorm we had last week left us without power for two days. I didn't mind the cold, but missed the light. Dina is sending us headlamps for the next time. Reading by candlelight is not fun.

I also thought about the windstorm outside, lots of damaged trees, and the windstorm inside my mind. I think there is a poem in there somewhere. It just needs to percolate a bit more.