Wednesday, March 10, 2010


move through the cold,
the dark, power out
wind howling outside
grab flashlight
silence the chirping alarms

snuggled under the quilts
warm with my hot flashes
wearing long johns,
socks and sweatshirt
cold nose tonight

God exhaled
and breathed Adam to life
“Ruach Elohim”
light had already been created
when Adam drew his first breath
not cold or dark then

can’t sleep
the windstorm outside
and the mindstorm inside
flow together
breath by breath
inhale, exhale
mind jumping
from thought to thought
image to image

no peace
no answers
no freedom
no messiah

some search
to connect
to belong
to know why we are here
is this all there is?

religions have answers
but no one size fits all
each one claims to be true
if you accept one
you reject another

can we live with questions
that have no answers?
do we live with answers
that have no questions?


© 2010 Linda H. Feinberg

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