Thursday, January 29, 2009

on shabbat

the angels danced
as we chanted shema yisroel
the angels danced
the sabbath bride had arrived
the rebbe in his kittel
his white beard flowing
swaying to lecho dodi
his arms upraised
his face glowing
with love
with joy
the angels danced
and are dancing still

©1995 Linda H. Feinberg

shabbat - the sabbath
shema yisroel - "Hear O' Israel" (prayer affirming one God)
lecho dodi - welcoming prayer to the beloved bride (the sabbath)
rebbe - a respected learned man
kittel - a long white garment worn for holy days
(Hebrew & Yiddish words)

Chapter Thirty-Seven Mafiya's Response

"Who's this?" says a voice that could be Dimitri's.

"Who am I speaking with?" says Hussein.

"Dimitri Kostovich. Who is this?"

"Dimitri, this is Kamil and I have Hamid with me on speaker phone, so that we can both hear you."

"You were supposed to call me back in two weeks," Dimitri says. "It's now three weeks."

"Yes, I know and I apologize." The expression on Hussein's face is not one of apology. "I did mention that we have other clients who also take up our time."

"Dimitri," Hamid cuts in. "Have you found a way to disassemble the goods we discussed in your office?"

"It can be done," Dimitri tells them, "But we have not started yet, since we have not heard from you."

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Joe on Auburn Trail Jan 09

We did an hour cross country skiing on this easy (flat) trail in Auburn, NH with our friend, Linda. She did not want her photo taken so you can only see her on the side. Despite trying for 20 years to learn to ski, Joe and I are still on the beginner level! Anyway, it's a good workout and we enjoy being in the woods.

More photos on Flickr:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chapter Thirty-Six In the Oval Office

President William Egan is sitting at his desk. Sitting expectantly before him with their regular morning reports are Allison McDonald and John Walker. "I read both of your briefs over breakfast this morning," he begins, "and I must say, both of them are most interesting-to say the least. I'd like to hear your personal thoughts. Allison, ladies first."

"Well sir," McDonald starts, "the most critical areas of my reports relate to three issues: Bampur, Russian Kilos and the Russian mafiya. I'll start with Bampur." The president nods.

"You already know that we sent an operative that we have inside Iran to get as close to Bampur as he could, to see if we could clarify the situation. Believing that the Israelis had a team on the ground and moving towards Bampur, we needed to be able to advise you on what is going on there. Our operative, a native, dressed himself as a nomad traveling across the desert. He had two camels with him, and only carried things that someone of his persona would." At that point, Allison consults notes in her lap.

"As of 28 August, he was a week overdue returning home. Another operative was sent in to see if he could find him, which he did. Both our contact and the camels were shot to death. It appears that they were machine-gunned to death about five miles from Bampur. What that means exactly we can't say. Most bandits do not carry machine guns for weapons. We suspect that he was murdered merely because he was too close to Bampur. His personal belongings were strewn everywhere, we were told, leading us to believe that who ever murdered him and his animals were trying to find out if he was legit."

"Sounds like a logical conclusion," the president commented.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chapter Thirty-Five Leaving No Traces

Silberberg and Schwartz double time it for one night, burrowing themselves into the sand during the daylight hours, eager to get off of Iranian sand and soil. Schwartz sends a message burst to Bergman that reads, "Requesting taxi 26x57.5 0200. Inform driver will confirm departure 15m before. Will be waiting with our luggage."

Bergman receives Schwartz's message and immediately forwards it as an encrypted message to the Renewal via satellite, adding, "Confirm receipt of this message with me within twelve hours of transmission."

Friday, January 9, 2009

Behind The Lies went to the publisher today

Behind The Lies-the book you might be reading excerpts of on this site has been sent to the publisher and I am now awaiting a call from my publishing account representative.

Writing the book took twenty-six months, finding a good publisher and editing took another year. Now with most of the work done except for final proofs I can relax some.

Hopefully you enjoyed all or some of the excerpts. I will continue to post more as the book has a prologue, one hundred- five chapters and a final epilogue.

I would love to hear your comments if you would take the time to post them.

I will be adding my website for this book as soon as it is online.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chapter Thirty-Four Heading to Bandar Abbas

It takes three whole nights of travel to arrive near Jask. Again, they choose a remote area, dig in and bury their gear. They stow what they won't need for the next leg and refill the hole, disguising it well. "I suggest we move out a couple of hours, to distance ourselves from the site, just in case," proposes Schwartz.

"I agree. Let's head north until, say,0430, then find ourselves a spot to sit out the daylight hours." The night is windy, which is annoying but also in their favor. As they travel, the wind saves them one chore, obliterating their tracks in the swirling sands.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Still winter here

My camera has been sent in for repair. Apparently a defective part that Canon will fix. Meanwhile I offer an old photo of Lake Massabesic. I loved the sign, especially the no swimming part.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

what if . . .

what if women ran the world,
would love win over hate?
would child care be easier to find,
safe and more affordable?
nursing babies in public more acceptable?
or would people lapse into depression,
alcoholism and suicide
thinking there weren't enough challenges left . . .

what if children ran the world,
would every child have a clean
and safe house to live in?
enough food and clothing,
loving parents and friends?
or would childhood bullies take over
making another have and have-not society
no change at all . . .

in California blue wildflowers bloom
among the trash strewn on the sides
of highway 405
smog reaches out even to the desert
shrouding the mountains
smog from factories in Ohio
travels to New Hampshire
clouding our clear skies in summer
and bringing acid rain to our
beautiful pristine lakes

what if we put God in the center,
would we clean up the environment?
take better care of each other?
stop thinking of someone different as "other"?
or lose focus on the material world,
and only think of the world to come?

each year as the ball descends on Times Square
people toast another new year
each year we listen to the blast of the shofar
another new year
each year the dragon dances in Chinatown
so many new years
so many hopes and prayers
for peace, for good health and happiness
may they be answered soon
and in our times
so I can stop asking "what if ..."

copyright 2003 Linda H. Feinberg