Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chapter Thirty-Seven Mafiya's Response

"Who's this?" says a voice that could be Dimitri's.

"Who am I speaking with?" says Hussein.

"Dimitri Kostovich. Who is this?"

"Dimitri, this is Kamil and I have Hamid with me on speaker phone, so that we can both hear you."

"You were supposed to call me back in two weeks," Dimitri says. "It's now three weeks."

"Yes, I know and I apologize." The expression on Hussein's face is not one of apology. "I did mention that we have other clients who also take up our time."

"Dimitri," Hamid cuts in. "Have you found a way to disassemble the goods we discussed in your office?"

"It can be done," Dimitri tells them, "But we have not started yet, since we have not heard from you."

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