Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

what if . . .

what if women ran the world,
would love win over hate?
would child care be easier to find,
safe and more affordable?
nursing babies in public more acceptable?
or would people lapse into depression,
alcoholism and suicide
thinking there weren't enough challenges left . . .

what if children ran the world,
would every child have a clean
and safe house to live in?
enough food and clothing,
loving parents and friends?
or would childhood bullies take over
making another have and have-not society
no change at all . . .

in California blue wildflowers bloom
among the trash strewn on the sides
of highway 405
smog reaches out even to the desert
shrouding the mountains
smog from factories in Ohio
travels to New Hampshire
clouding our clear skies in summer
and bringing acid rain to our
beautiful pristine lakes

what if we put God in the center,
would we clean up the environment?
take better care of each other?
stop thinking of someone different as "other"?
or lose focus on the material world,
and only think of the world to come?

each year as the ball descends on Times Square
people toast another new year
each year we listen to the blast of the shofar
another new year
each year the dragon dances in Chinatown
so many new years
so many hopes and prayers
for peace, for good health and happiness
may they be answered soon
and in our times
so I can stop asking "what if ..."

copyright 2003 Linda H. Feinberg

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