Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I realized that I haven't posted any artwork for a while. I thought this was appropriate for Thanksgiving. The Hebrew is from Psalm 104:24 - English translation approximately: "the earth is full of your creations".

I spent last weekend studying and passing my recertification tests for QuickBooks 2009. I'm glad that is over with and I won't have to do that for another year. Today we have Thanksgiving dinner with family & friends. This weekend I'm looking forward to playing with my art materials.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Nine Entering Site One

"Let's take a break here, Mark and recon the area to see where the most advantageous spot is for us to set up. We need to keep within ranges to obtain emissions of any type and be able to record conversations."

"Natan, I'd like to suggest that when we leave here we take a dip in that body of water where we filled our water containers."

"Agreed, it will be a long time before we get to take a shower."

Viewing through their night vision equipment they pick a spot that will enable them to be within the ranges they need. They find a natural rise in the desert that offers them some height in order for them to observe what they believe is the front entrance of the facility.

Half way up the rise they dig out an area for them to maneuver around in. During daylight they will record whatever readings they can obtain and attempt to record voice conversations. During nighttime hours they will attempt to get closer to the facility to obtain more information hopefully without being detected.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Eight War Power Authority

"Tell everyone this is an update from our previous meeting. Tell the military commanders that we will be discussing broadening the war powers authority of the president. Something I promised them when we last met.

"Have Marine guards stationed at the Situation Room door for the duration of the meeting."

"Is there anything else sir?"

"No, not right now. When is my next appointment?"

"In half an hour you have the ambassador from Israel coming at your request!"

"Have the kitchen make up some strong coffee for us for when he arrives, please."

"I'll have it done."

Janet leaves the Oval Office and actually drops down into her desk chair harder than she realizes. The emotional moments she just went through with the president are making her feel drained, scared and honored all at the same time.

Five minutes later she phones everyone of the meeting and what the president advised her he wants them to be aware of.

He's really funny at times. He like to keep people guessing and on their toes so that he can get original ideas and not made up remarks.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Seven Second Visit to Russia

"I'll have the pricing for you tomorrow. If we come to terms you will have to pay in US dollars. What is your other request?"

Hesitating, Kamil goes on, "Well the customer who needs this equipment is now requesting that we look for some spent fuel rods."

"Where would I get spent fuel rods?" asks Demitri.

"We don't know, we are only asking if you can. If not we have to continue shopping for that part of the package the customer wants," spoke Hamid.

"You know if I could possibly do that the price would be very expensive."

"You give us a price if you can deliver, and we will check with our firm to have the quality of a sample tested, then we will make you an offer. Let's say you should wait on quoting these materials to see if we can make a package price," responds Kamil.

"Ivan, put this stuff back together, Vicktor take our guests back to the Best Eastern."

After Kamil and Hamid leave with Vicktor. "Igor, I want a tail on those two for the next two weeks."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November again

the trail is blanketed with leaves
as I follow the dog around the pond
dull yellows and browns
no longer the brilliant reds
like the burning bush by our house

the acorns have finally finished dropping
on the wooden deck
startling me with their loud noise

the mums are withering
the garden bare
a few herbs hanging on
to grow again in spring

the first snow was early this year
and melted quickly
the nights are frosty
and we cuddle under a warm quilt

in the evening I take out
yarn and knitting needles
another pair of mittens
for a daughter far away
reminding me of mother
and her granny squares
my weekly phone calls
now with my children
as hers used to be with me

seasons change
each with its own beauty
the earth rests, then renews
November again

copyright 2002 Linda H. Feinberg

Sunday, November 2, 2008

weekend in Brownsville

in the Brooklyn apartment the long narrow hallway
with its single bare bulb appeared dark and scary
each time I walked down it
on Sunday my uncle stood facing east
in the sun-filled kitchen doorway
wrapped in tefillin, tallis and ever-present yarmulke
prayerbook in hand, swaying as he davened his morning prayers
closing his eyes, his connection to God
a complete mystery to me

copyright 2002 Linda H. Feinberg

I wrote this poem in a workshop class several years ago. My uncle passed away recently at the age of 98. I was glad that I had a chance to visit with him this past summer. He was the last of that generation. As a child I did not understand the ritual of the morning prayers. As an adult I think it is a beautiful one even though I am not observant. For me the connection to the divine is usually through nature, art, music, poetry and sometimes through people.