Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Eight War Power Authority

"Tell everyone this is an update from our previous meeting. Tell the military commanders that we will be discussing broadening the war powers authority of the president. Something I promised them when we last met.

"Have Marine guards stationed at the Situation Room door for the duration of the meeting."

"Is there anything else sir?"

"No, not right now. When is my next appointment?"

"In half an hour you have the ambassador from Israel coming at your request!"

"Have the kitchen make up some strong coffee for us for when he arrives, please."

"I'll have it done."

Janet leaves the Oval Office and actually drops down into her desk chair harder than she realizes. The emotional moments she just went through with the president are making her feel drained, scared and honored all at the same time.

Five minutes later she phones everyone of the meeting and what the president advised her he wants them to be aware of.

He's really funny at times. He like to keep people guessing and on their toes so that he can get original ideas and not made up remarks.

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