Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Seven Second Visit to Russia

"I'll have the pricing for you tomorrow. If we come to terms you will have to pay in US dollars. What is your other request?"

Hesitating, Kamil goes on, "Well the customer who needs this equipment is now requesting that we look for some spent fuel rods."

"Where would I get spent fuel rods?" asks Demitri.

"We don't know, we are only asking if you can. If not we have to continue shopping for that part of the package the customer wants," spoke Hamid.

"You know if I could possibly do that the price would be very expensive."

"You give us a price if you can deliver, and we will check with our firm to have the quality of a sample tested, then we will make you an offer. Let's say you should wait on quoting these materials to see if we can make a package price," responds Kamil.

"Ivan, put this stuff back together, Vicktor take our guests back to the Best Eastern."

After Kamil and Hamid leave with Vicktor. "Igor, I want a tail on those two for the next two weeks."

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