Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Cloudy Day

Photography PrintsI

I decided it was time to do a panorama for a change.  I looked through my photos and was attracted to the clouds and this view so I cropped the original photo to fit into this format.  The painting is acrylic on 10" x 20" stretched canvas.  I wasn't going for detail, just an impression of the scene.  I'm happy with the results.

Antelope Island is on the Great Salt Lake (Utah) and my daughter took me for a tour one year when I was visiting her in Salt Lake City.  We enjoyed seeing the herds of bison and had to wait for them to cross the road. Then we toured the Fielding Garr ranch, which was where I took this photo with the mountains in the distance and the beautiful clouds.

Meanwhile, I did my first outdoor exhibit this past weekend, sharing a tent with artist Aline Lotter.  I do not have my own tent and racks so my husband and I helped her set up.  It was very cold in the morning when we started, but warmed up through the day. The art show was sponsored by Manchester Artists Association. After this experience, I do not think I will ever do an outdoor art show again.  It was exhausting and a very long day.  I am participating in 3 indoor craft shows in November and December, two will be new for me, one I've done for several years.  I think that's enough.  I enjoy networking with people, but I don't want to be in another business while I am retired.  I did sell some cards at this show, but did not sell any of my original paintings.

Aline Lotter does oil portraits, landscapes, animals, and nudes (photos below).  She is quite versatile and blogs almost weekly. Her blog is full of interesting details and instructions. Aline's blog

I met abstract artist Olivier Marcus at the exhibit and enjoyed talking to him. Unfortunately I did not take photos of his beautiful artwork, but you can see it at this link: Abstract Art

The Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashanah, starts Wednesday evening at sunset.  The new year is 5775 on the Jewish calendar.  I wish all my readers a new year filled with joy, good health and peace.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Art In the Park

Coming soon, my first time doing an outdoor art exhibit. I am sharing a space with another artist. I'm nervous, but looking forward to this show. I'll be doing 3 indoor shows in the fall. I'll post that information next month.

If the print it too small for you to read, just click on the photo.  Children are welcome and encouraged to bring their artwork too.

Veterans Park is easy to find. It is across the street from the Radisson Hotel, one block north of the Verizon arena.  Parking is free on the side streets on Saturdays. If you park on Elm Street, you need to put money into the kiosks and get a ticket to display in your car window.  If you are hungry after you view the artwork, there are many excellent restaurants right on Elm Street and nearby.

If you would like to see more art, you can visit the Currier Museum which is less than 1 mile away from the park. A new exhibit will be starting on the same day: Escher