Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Six NSA's Discovery

National Security Director John Walker arrives at the White House for his morning report to the president.

In the Oval Office , President Egan is listening to Allison McDonald, CIA Director as she gives her latest report. John Walker is escorted into the Oval Office by the secret service and takes a chair alongside of Allison.

"Sorry, I'm a couple of minutes late, we were stuck in traffic."

"Allison continue," says the president.

After her report, John Walker hands the president the original of his report and Allison a copy.

John begins, "Sir, most of that report is similar to what we discussed yesterday. However one of our satellite observers has been watching two human forms for four days, they travel only at nighttime."

John knows enough not to paint the whole picture at once.

"So what is so special about that?" asks the president.

"If we weren't looking for something covert possibly from Israel, I would say nothing. Yet here we have a team of two moving only under the cover of darkness.

"They have arrived at a location called Bampur and seem to have taken up temporary residence."

"Bampur, what the hell is there that the Israeli's know about and we don't."

"Allison, does the CIA have any idea?"

"No sir!"

"John what does the NSA know about Bampur?"

"Sir, I have to plead the same way Allison is, we don't have a clue what is going on there."

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Photos

On the trail in Auburn. I have no idea what these are, but I thought they were pretty.

The burning bush by our house. This was tiny when we planted it over 20 years ago.

Mums that have come back for 3-4 years now. They are in a sunny spot. Apparently our cold winter does not kill them.

Friday, October 24, 2008

piano dreams

dancing notes
quarter notes
half notes
jumbled up
sheet music unreadable
piano keys flying
left and right
black and white

childhood piano lessons
busts of dead composers
were my prizes
jealous of my sons
gifted musicians
write their own compositions
recall the notes easily

sitting at the piano
my fingers no longer
reach the octaves
play smaller chords
hear the music in my mind
when looking at the notes

the divine symphony plays
through the mountains
birdsong and wind

in my dreams
my notes are a part of it too

copyright 2008 Linda H. Feinberg

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Five US Sub Fleet Reports

Three o'clock in the afternoon Admiral Smith along with CIA Director Allison McDonald and NSA Director John Walker are sitting in front of the president's desk in the Oval Office. Admiral Smith hands the president a message along with copies to both directors, then sits back and waits for their responses.

The president says, "Reading this message and the intelligence memo that goes with it, we can assume that our friends the Israelis are doing some kind of covert action."

"What the hell are they trying to do?" asks John Walker.

"Sir, the CIA has no information of any Israeli attempt to do something of this nature. Of course, I wouldn't expect them to tell us anyway. If you remember my suspicions at our previous meeting I have a gut feeling they would come up with something the way things are headed."

"Do you feel we can confront the prime minister or the Mossad about this, Allison?" asks President Egan.

"Well we could always hint we are aware of some type of operation on their part and see where it goes. Do I believe we will get an honest answer? No sir, I do not."

"John, how many additional satellites can we get to focus on Iran?"

"Sir, I can have three additional birds watching them by morning."

"Alright people, this is what I want to do. Have the navy give you the co-ordinates of the drop off and scope a radius inside of Iran for one hundred miles. Have every satellite we can get taking pictures of everything. It sounds like they dropped off a covert team, to do what, I don't know yet. But I want their body heat registered on our systems as soon as we can locate where they are. I want to know where they are and obtain details of what they are doing.

"I don't want this information out of this room. I will not jeopardize the team in anyway. If their team makes it out safely, then we can put some pressure on Israel and ask what the hell they are dong. If they don't make it out safely Iran will tell the whole wide world.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Four Entering Iran

Aboard the Los Angeles class nuclear submarine Trenton the sonar chief on watch is listening for unusual noises that might detect movement from Iran.

"Control room, sonar, I have a sonar contact bearing 270 degrees, range ten thousand yards. It is making sounds as if it is a dolphin class submarine and it's rising to the surface."

"Sonar, control room, are you positive of that, chief?"

"Well sir, if it's not, I'll buy you a bottle of scotch."

"Messenger of the watch ask the captain to come to the control room."

Captain James Blair arrives in the control room and asks the chief if he can tell them anything else.

Captain, she is on the surface and it sounds like she has off loaded two powered underwater sleds."

"Can you track those sleds, chief?" says the captain.

"Yes sir, they are headed towards the Iranian shore."

Captain Blair checks with the OOD, "You are still on silent running as ordered correct?"

"Yes sir, we are!"

"Chief, follow the tracks of those sleds. Keep us posted here in control."

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fletcher Cascade, White Mountains

Photos from Sunday's hike near Waterville Valley, NH.

Beginning the Fletcher Cascade trail with friend Linda Abels, daughter Dina Freedman in for a visit from Salt Lake City, husband Joe Smiga and me (Linda Feinberg). The first part was easy. Drake's Brook below.

Oh yes, I did a slip & fall here. Nothing serious, but I can tell I'm not young any more.

What a beautiful day. I love fall in New Hampshire. Chag Sameach to our Jewish friends & family (holiday of Sukkot).

With thanks to Dina Freedman for the photos. (I didn't realize the card in my camera was full. I was glad Dina had her camera with us.)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Three Converting Iranian Missiles

"Gentlemen, I hear what you are saying. Somehow the Americans have overcome this issue. We need to do the same. We might have to steal their secrets.

"Givon and Fadil, I want both of you to make a missile housing and begin working on the proper alterations so that it will clear the torpedo tubes and make it flight efficient.

"Farook and Abbas, I want you to work on the initial firing system to get a missile underway and safely clear the submarine before ignition.

I am going to calculate to compensate for any physical weight changes whether it is internal or external, in order for us to attain accurate targeting.

"I want a working model to test fire out of a tube in twelve weeks. Does anyone have a problem with this? That gives us five and a half months for a final product."

The four engineers look at each other, their eyes betraying their doubts.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mt Kearsarge Fall 2008

Beautiful day on Sunday, October 5th (also Joe's 67th birthday). We hiked with a friend and enjoyed the views.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Two Meeting the Russian Mafiya

"I assume these are our guests that we are expecting from Pakistan. Grab a seat gentlemen. I don't have a great deal of time so let's get to the point." He doesn't even shake hands.

"Yes," Kamil says. "We were told by our fourth cousin that you could assist us in finding replacement parts for our business back home."

"What sort of business are you in?"

Hamid replies, "Our company is a brokerage company that obtains used equipment for many types of industries. Primarily we work with utilities and processing plants."

"What type of equipment are you looking for?"

"We have a list of mechanical components and even some electrical components that we are searching for to fulfill the needs of clients," replies Kamil.

"What kind of components?" The comment is made in a disparaging tone.

"The utilities we are looking to do business with are looking for large horsepower generators, impeller drives, gear reduction units, flow values, steam turbines and switch gear panels to operate their control rooms."

Hamid asks, "Is this something that you can assist us with or can you recommend someone else for us to visit while we are here?"

"Do you have the list with you?" Dimitri asks with a commanding tone.