Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Five US Sub Fleet Reports

Three o'clock in the afternoon Admiral Smith along with CIA Director Allison McDonald and NSA Director John Walker are sitting in front of the president's desk in the Oval Office. Admiral Smith hands the president a message along with copies to both directors, then sits back and waits for their responses.

The president says, "Reading this message and the intelligence memo that goes with it, we can assume that our friends the Israelis are doing some kind of covert action."

"What the hell are they trying to do?" asks John Walker.

"Sir, the CIA has no information of any Israeli attempt to do something of this nature. Of course, I wouldn't expect them to tell us anyway. If you remember my suspicions at our previous meeting I have a gut feeling they would come up with something the way things are headed."

"Do you feel we can confront the prime minister or the Mossad about this, Allison?" asks President Egan.

"Well we could always hint we are aware of some type of operation on their part and see where it goes. Do I believe we will get an honest answer? No sir, I do not."

"John, how many additional satellites can we get to focus on Iran?"

"Sir, I can have three additional birds watching them by morning."

"Alright people, this is what I want to do. Have the navy give you the co-ordinates of the drop off and scope a radius inside of Iran for one hundred miles. Have every satellite we can get taking pictures of everything. It sounds like they dropped off a covert team, to do what, I don't know yet. But I want their body heat registered on our systems as soon as we can locate where they are. I want to know where they are and obtain details of what they are doing.

"I don't want this information out of this room. I will not jeopardize the team in anyway. If their team makes it out safely, then we can put some pressure on Israel and ask what the hell they are dong. If they don't make it out safely Iran will tell the whole wide world.

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