Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Three Converting Iranian Missiles

"Gentlemen, I hear what you are saying. Somehow the Americans have overcome this issue. We need to do the same. We might have to steal their secrets.

"Givon and Fadil, I want both of you to make a missile housing and begin working on the proper alterations so that it will clear the torpedo tubes and make it flight efficient.

"Farook and Abbas, I want you to work on the initial firing system to get a missile underway and safely clear the submarine before ignition.

I am going to calculate to compensate for any physical weight changes whether it is internal or external, in order for us to attain accurate targeting.

"I want a working model to test fire out of a tube in twelve weeks. Does anyone have a problem with this? That gives us five and a half months for a final product."

The four engineers look at each other, their eyes betraying their doubts.

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