Monday, May 30, 2011

View from Noon Peak

This is my current project that I am working on. It is acrylic paint on canvas board. I used mostly brushes, but also palette knife. Also experimented with modeling paste in a few places. I'm happy with the clouds, but need more experience with all those different shades of green. Paint mixing class starts June 17th. That should help.

This is the view from Noon Peak (Noon Peak/Jennings Peak/Sandwich Mountain trail in Campton/Waterville Valley, NH. We did a long loop from Drake's Brook trail last summer. I won't do that again, it was a bit too much for me, but definitely worthwhile for younger people.). See Sunday, August 1, 2010 posting for photos.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

resonance - haiku

resonance healing
with Tibetan singing bowls
gongs, bells, tinkling chimes

copyright 2011 Linda H. Feinberg

I attended a Tibetan singing bowl concert recently. I've been interested in Tibet for many years as I see the parallels between their exile and the Jewish diaspora.  The concert had nothing to do with politics or religion. It was a demonstration of this art. I found it very relaxing, but after a while I was bored and took out my sketch book and pencil.  I didn't have enough time before she ended the concert to make a good sketch, but I did write some notes. The bowls are made of 7 metals to match the 7 heavenly planetary bodies. This includes the moon. The bowls are tuned to the chakras. Since I am not familiar with these, I can't say much more. Lots of information on Wikipedia if you want to learn more. A worthwhile and interesting experience.

I have also found the resonance of singers without musical accompaniment that lingers after the chant is finished in a room, and of the piano when I play, to be a source of positive spiritual energy. The singing bowls gave me that same sensation as well.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Acrylic painting-palette knife

My very first experiment with learning how to do palette knife painting. Obviously I need more practice, but this was fun! This exercise was from the instructional DVD set I bought last month. This is not a mountain scene from my hiking experience. I was just following along with the instructor. I couldn't figure out how to do the "mist" part of the exercise, so I will have to practice again, maybe with my own photos next time. This experiment was on inexpensive canvas paper.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mount Percival, finished

I think this is finished now. I just have to let it finish drying and then varnish it. I still have time to tinker with it if I decide it needs more work.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Making progress with acrylics #2

This painting is looking better now. I put in the cairn and the campers. Now I have to decide which parts to highlight and which parts to darken.  I think the rocks could use some spatter too. I'm enjoying my memories of this hike we did last year while I'm painting it. (This was Mount Percival and that is Squam Lake in the distance. The campers were from some local camps in the area.)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Making progress with acrylics

I am playing with colors today and making progress with my Mount Percival painting.   I still have to do the hikers (campers) on the top of the mountain, plus the cairn. Then I can touch up the highlights, colors, fix the horizon line etc.  I am very pleased with the way this painting is coming out. That is Squam Lake (NH) in the distance.

I spent some time today playing with mixing the paints and made another color chart.  I'm looking forward to my paint mixing class next month. (Just a reminder, to enlarge to view better, click on the photo.)

Monday, May 9, 2011

A walk in the woods

Just a little walk in the woods on Mother's Day. It was very overcast and a little windy. I liked the reflections in the little pond.

I thought the tree fungus was interesting too. I hope we can start some easy hikes again soon.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Twin Falls Bridge (matted & framed)

I finally finished the matting and framing on this oil pastel. It is for sale on my website  I've included free shipping (within U.S. and Canada) in the price .

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Acrylic painting experiments

This is my try at setting up to work with the new DVDs. I put the easel in front of the desk with my monitor. Then I put a little tray table on the right to use as a taboret ( to hold the palette, brushes & paints). I keep having to pause the DVD since the instructor goes fast and skips over stuff. I couldn't keep up, but I thought the experiment came out o.k.  I am just using inexpensive canvas paper for now. I have some canvas boards too, so when I get a bit better, I'll use those. Close up of clouds picture below. It is done over an earlier exercise with a graded wash.

I have lots of photos from our hikes over the years. As I learn more, I hope to make paintings from those photos and many of them have clouds.  This exercise was on DVD 2 - skies. The link to the Acrylic Painting Secrets, Bob Davies website is in April 21st post.