Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Acrylic painting experiments

This is my try at setting up to work with the new DVDs. I put the easel in front of the desk with my monitor. Then I put a little tray table on the right to use as a taboret ( to hold the palette, brushes & paints). I keep having to pause the DVD since the instructor goes fast and skips over stuff. I couldn't keep up, but I thought the experiment came out o.k.  I am just using inexpensive canvas paper for now. I have some canvas boards too, so when I get a bit better, I'll use those. Close up of clouds picture below. It is done over an earlier exercise with a graded wash.

I have lots of photos from our hikes over the years. As I learn more, I hope to make paintings from those photos and many of them have clouds.  This exercise was on DVD 2 - skies. The link to the Acrylic Painting Secrets, Bob Davies website is in April 21st post.


Aline said...

Looks like fun! But doesn't your remote control for the DVD player get paint all over it?

Linda H. Feinberg said...

No. I’m using my computer, not my DVD player. The CPU has the DVD drive in it. I use the mouse to start and stop the program.
I don’t have paint on my hands. I only got a little paint on my desk. That cleaned up easily.

Jessica Davis said...

Those clouds look great!