Wednesday, April 30, 2008

High School, 1964 (Great Neck, NY)

for Cheryl, class of 1964

38 years later I looked across the table
and saw a face from high school
"remember me?" I asked . . .
oh yes — she remembered my long brown curly hair
her mother holding me up as a role model
what a different view

I thought of myself as one of the square pegs
always trying but never fitting in
a bony big-hipped teen
thinking contact lenses
would help me be more attractive
never imagining someone could be envious of me
and my long brown curly hair

copyright 2002 Linda H. Feinberg

I met Cheryl again when at a retreat center in the summer of 2002. It was a strange feeling to look across the table and actually recognize someone from my past. I left NY after high school (1964) and while I returned a number of times, I wandered for many years before finally settling down in New Hampshire in 1979.

The long brown curly hair is long gone, but I grew out my grey/white hair for over one year, had it cut (10 inch braids) and donated it. It feels good to be short again for the summer, but I enjoyed the long hair while I had it. Still curly. Glad I'm not a teenager today. It was rough enough in the 60's. Oh yes, I still have the hips, but I'm definitely not bony any more.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Haiku

three girls walking by
lavender and blue blouses
their flip flops flapping

© 2005 Linda H. Feinberg

Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are finally appearing. The early veggies are planted and today we have rain to help them along.

I sold a good order of small cards, 5 each of 8 designs - spring flowers. Here are two, showing the beautiful flowers & trees.

I added more flower and tree photos (and some art) on Flickr.
These are available as note cards. E-mail me for pricing (

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Can your horse sitter identify if your horse is not well?

What you should expect from your Horse Sitter (Part Three of Five)

When did your horse have colic last?

Just as horse insurance companies want to know the answer to that question. It is important for the sitter to know if your horse is prone to colic.

I always ask a client if they have made previous financial arrangements with their vet and their farrier if they need to be called when the client is away.

The client agreement, we sign together, authorizes me to pay for these services if no previous arrangement has been made. The client will then reimburse me.

I feel this is one of the critical areas that need to be addressed in horse sitting. Emergencies happen and expert help needs to be brought in immediately at times. To worry about who is going to pay the bill only delays effective treatment for your animals. My vet always has my credit card number on file.

from Psalm 104 framed art

I experimented with my new tripod today (Thank you, Seth). I am trying to learn how to take pictures of my originals without the glass making a big white mess (from the flash).
This art was done originally in a workshop (watercolor and wax) with Jeanne Lachance. I added the calligraphy later after I had time to think about my picture.

Monday, April 21, 2008

for Earth Day

I have found strength in fire
the fire in the burning bush
the eternal light
the sabbath candles

the souls of my ancestors call me
to continue their traditions
linking my children
from revelation at Mount Sinai
to a torah for today

to find a voice
to chant the sacred words
to sing and dance in joy
to sorrow at a world gone mad with materialism
to strive for a connection to all living things
for all are holy
infused with the flow of spirit

from the smallest seedling
struggling to grow in a polluted lot
to the largest mammals facing extinction
from our desecration of their environment

the eagle is still with me in my dreams
soaring over the mountains and lakes
but in reality I am the turtle
plodding along
slowly creating change
one poem at a time

copyright 2000 Linda H. Feinberg

Friday, April 18, 2008

leaving Egypt - the women's story

and God said,
go forth from eretz mitzraim

and the women said,
how shall we provide for our children?
our milk will dry up in the desert wind
our bodies will shrivel and
be one with the grains of sand

you will find water to drink
and manna to eat
your bodies will be fruitful
and bring forth the next generation
your children will dwell in the promised land
your daughters will be free women
and your sons will cherish them

do not be afraid
for I have chosen you
the descendants of Sarah, Rivkah,
Rachel, Leah, Bilhah and Zilpah
to be a blessing to the nations

trusting in God once again
they packed their possessions
joining Miriam in joyous song
they left their slavery behind

though they remain nameless to this day
we remember their courage every year
as we tell the Passover story

eretz mitzraim - the land of Egypt (Hebrew)

©1996, Linda H. Feinberg (This poem is in my chapbook "Gathering the Sparks)

Happy Passover. Enjoy and diet later!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mojave April 2008

Too many photos to show. Go to this site to see them. Lots of horses, desert, grandkids.

Chapter Three Inside Iran

As the Morning Prayer service comes to a close, three men are standing around the mosque; they acknowledge each other's presence by eye contact, and then proceed to leave the mosque by different exits.

Their instructions are they would be picked up by a black Mercedes limousine, one in front of the mosque, one would walk three blocks to the right of the stairs in the front entrance, the third would walk around the rear of the mosque, proceed four blocks to the right.

Muhammad Abdullah, Kamil Hussein, and Hamid Akhman are waiting according to instructions. Each enters the vehicle and sits next to each other in the comfortable rear seat facing the passenger. They do not expect the man sitting in front of them to be an advisor to the Supreme Leader of Iran.

"You gentlemen look like the cat that just swallowed a mouse."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mojave 2008

The first picture shows Joe, Sharon and Jamie exercising all five horses. The second one shows the two yearling fillies. (Missouri Fox Trotters)

We are back from vacation. Flight was delayed and we arrived at 2:00 a.m. Too tired to write. Just posting some horse pictures. We had a great time with the kids, grandkids, horses & dogs. Will send more photos to the Flickr site later today or tomorrow.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Continuing comments on horse sitting

What you should expect from your Horse Sitter (Part Two of Five)

Next a sitter should show you a written contract that indicates they are insured. I am also bonded. This contract deals with a number of issues. You should be held harmless if the sitter is injured while taking care of your horses provided you made them aware of any particular vices your horses might have. (Vices to be addressed on another form) It should include, the dates of the services and the location. The different services the sitter will be performing. My contract points out that the client needs to call me when they return home. This is to assure both of us that the horses will be taken care of even after the closing date on the contract. Planes get delayed, traffic accidents can happen or who knows what else could delay someone getting back home. Horses are sensitive animals which could have health problems if drastic changes occur to their feeding schedules.

A sitter needs to know everything about your horses. Their feeding habits, grains, amounts of hay, supplements, how much water they normally drink, can they have room temperature carrots or apples? My animal record sheet lists the times of both feedings as well as medical information and vices of each animal.

A sitter should be willing to return at no-charge for a walk through feeding to become familiar with your methods. Horses enjoy and feel safe with consistency.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Joan's crocuses

Joan's crocuses. The front of her house faces the sun and her plants are coming up already. I'm jealous!

Spring is slowly making its way to our frigid state. Soon we'll have mud season, then shortly after that will be black fly season. There are still lots of snow piles around, but they are gradually melting and I'll be able to turn the soil and put in the compost in about 10 days.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Frogs are on the list of Passover plagues, but I don't think they meant tree frogs. This is one of my favorite colored pencil drawings.

Tree Frog2

Friday, April 4, 2008

Chapter One inside Mossad Headquarters 2010

"So what do you propose we do?" Shlomo exclaimed.

"I am aware of two very good ex-elite force members who might be exactly what we are looking for. They lived in the desert for months as a surveillance team.

"If we can get them to see first hand what is going into and out of the sites we are concerned about, then possibly we will have our answers."

"What! Put two Jews on Iranian soil," says Avi. "What if they are captured, that is enough to make a declaration of war, then where do we stand?"

"Avi, we didn't ask for this shit." The world is already aware that Iran's president said Israel should be wiped off the map. Isn't that a declaration of war?"

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Next year in Jerusalem.

Artwork copyright 2006 Linda H. Feinberg

Jerusalem with rainbow copy


Five years ago I celebrated Passover (Pesach) by myself as Joe was in the hospital recuperating from cancer surgery. I feel blessed that we have had these years together and that he recovered and did not have another recurrence of the cancer. We are still praying for world peace although it is hard to be optimistic at times. Passover this year starts at sunset Saturday, April 19th and we are looking forward to the singing, family time and food!

seder for one

so strange, a table set for one this year
candles, matzah, a seder plate but only one attending
poor Elijah will have to manage with grape juice
I see no point in drinking wine alone

I read some of the haggadah aloud
sing a few phrases and finish silently
I'm sure God understands
as my mind goes back and forth
between past and future
the present too difficult right now

Passover is about freedom, but what value is freedom
without my husband, soulmate and life partner
here to speak these words, chant these prayers with me
this night so different (but not in the traditional sense)

next year, not in Jerusalem as the prayer says,
but at home, together, family and friends
healed and at peace
for us and the rest of the world


copyright 2003 Linda H. Feinberg

Notes for those not familiar with Passover rituals:
seder = order, the traditional Passover meal
haggadah = the telling, the liturgy/prayers/story we read of the exodus from Egypt
dayenu = it would have been enough, repetitive phrase from one of the songs
ma nishtanah = "why is this night different from all other nights" -- the youngest child reads (usually sings) this prayer, the haggadah attempts to answer the questions in a roundabout way
at the end of the seder, an outside door is opened and the prophet Elijah invited in to drink from his own special wine cup and encouraged to bring the messiah to us