Monday, April 21, 2008

for Earth Day

I have found strength in fire
the fire in the burning bush
the eternal light
the sabbath candles

the souls of my ancestors call me
to continue their traditions
linking my children
from revelation at Mount Sinai
to a torah for today

to find a voice
to chant the sacred words
to sing and dance in joy
to sorrow at a world gone mad with materialism
to strive for a connection to all living things
for all are holy
infused with the flow of spirit

from the smallest seedling
struggling to grow in a polluted lot
to the largest mammals facing extinction
from our desecration of their environment

the eagle is still with me in my dreams
soaring over the mountains and lakes
but in reality I am the turtle
plodding along
slowly creating change
one poem at a time

copyright 2000 Linda H. Feinberg

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