Thursday, April 10, 2008

Continuing comments on horse sitting

What you should expect from your Horse Sitter (Part Two of Five)

Next a sitter should show you a written contract that indicates they are insured. I am also bonded. This contract deals with a number of issues. You should be held harmless if the sitter is injured while taking care of your horses provided you made them aware of any particular vices your horses might have. (Vices to be addressed on another form) It should include, the dates of the services and the location. The different services the sitter will be performing. My contract points out that the client needs to call me when they return home. This is to assure both of us that the horses will be taken care of even after the closing date on the contract. Planes get delayed, traffic accidents can happen or who knows what else could delay someone getting back home. Horses are sensitive animals which could have health problems if drastic changes occur to their feeding schedules.

A sitter needs to know everything about your horses. Their feeding habits, grains, amounts of hay, supplements, how much water they normally drink, can they have room temperature carrots or apples? My animal record sheet lists the times of both feedings as well as medical information and vices of each animal.

A sitter should be willing to return at no-charge for a walk through feeding to become familiar with your methods. Horses enjoy and feel safe with consistency.

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Bruce said...

OK, you've cured me of my slight desire to own a horse. Sounds like a heck of a responsibility...not to mention the work.