Friday, May 28, 2010

FREE download - Gathering the Sparks

I am offering a PDF download of my chapbook free on my web site until the end of July. The chapbook is 42 pages long and has some of my artwork on it as well.  I posted a review of the book in the description area.  The poetry is inspirational and easy to read, nothing long hair about it! Poems about people, places, dogs, hiking, Jewish holidays, love, family etc. I've had lots of positive comments about it over the years, but few people actually buy poetry books, so I'm offering a free copy for a while. Get inspired, take a look: Linda's Store

I hope I have posted the download correctly, so if you find out that it doesn't work, please let me know ASAP and I'll try to fix it.  Also, I have 2 copies left of my older book "red poppies and green clover" but that is a long book and I don't know if I will try to do that one later on as a download. Happy weekend.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Drawing of Seth

My attempt at another portrait. This one is my son Seth, done in pencil and graphite in my sketch book. The actual photo I used as a model is one he e-mailed me from a concert he did with his band. It is up on his Facebook page (Seth Freedman). When I learn more about painting, I would like to attempt this one in color.  Right now I'm still working on flowers, though. They seem easier than faces.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

California poppies

These are the poppies that we saw at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Preserve in Lancaster while on vacation. Eschscholtzia californica for the scientists out there. There were acres and acres of the poppies plus walking trails, some uphill. We had a good time.

More photos at: Mojave photos - horses, grandchildren, poppy preserve and this one that I found amusing, 52nd Street sign in the desert.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Drawing of Jake

This is a drawing of my son Jake that I started quite a few months ago. I think it is finally finished. It is graphite & pencil, done in my sketchbook, not on any kind of special paper, just a practice piece. I did the drawing from an old photo of Jake playing the keyboard. He was concentrating on his playing (which is wonderful, mostly jazz, you can listen at Deely Stan website). He no longer has the beard and keeps his hair very short now.  I can see some smears from my fingers at the bottom, I'll have to be more careful with the next drawing. Graphite is messy and smears easily.

I hope to work on a sketch of my son Seth next. He sent me a good photo of him performing with his guitar on stage. That will be a challenge too, not just a face, but the torso, arms, microphone etc. Should be interesting.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon is a National Conservation Area just outside of Las Vegas.  It is a short drive to the visitor's center.  If you don't like hiking or walking, you can just drive around 13 miles on a one way road and stop at various parking areas to take pictures.  We walked about 1 hour, taking lots of pictures of the rocks and the wildflowers. Then we did the drive around. Beautiful area. More photos at: Red Rock Canyon photos

I think the bottom photo might be Yucca. I wasn't sure of the names of the flowers and plants. Joe likes the first photo and might use it on his western. That book will be available in the fall.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gregory and his harem

Gregory is a gelding (not a stallion), but he loves his mares and they love him too. It looks like he is guarding them in this picture.  It was very windy the first few days we were in Mojave (California) on vacation and I saw him in the corral many times standing over the mares. They are all Missouri Fox Trotters and belong to Joe (my husband) and Sharon (our daughter). They are used for trail rides for the family.  We had a wonderful time with the grandkids on vacation last week and I will post some more pictures when I get a chance.