Friday, May 28, 2010

FREE download - Gathering the Sparks

I am offering a PDF download of my chapbook free on my web site until the end of July. The chapbook is 42 pages long and has some of my artwork on it as well.  I posted a review of the book in the description area.  The poetry is inspirational and easy to read, nothing long hair about it! Poems about people, places, dogs, hiking, Jewish holidays, love, family etc. I've had lots of positive comments about it over the years, but few people actually buy poetry books, so I'm offering a free copy for a while. Get inspired, take a look: Linda's Store

I hope I have posted the download correctly, so if you find out that it doesn't work, please let me know ASAP and I'll try to fix it.  Also, I have 2 copies left of my older book "red poppies and green clover" but that is a long book and I don't know if I will try to do that one later on as a download. Happy weekend.

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