Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Drawing of Jake

This is a drawing of my son Jake that I started quite a few months ago. I think it is finally finished. It is graphite & pencil, done in my sketchbook, not on any kind of special paper, just a practice piece. I did the drawing from an old photo of Jake playing the keyboard. He was concentrating on his playing (which is wonderful, mostly jazz, you can listen at Deely Stan website). He no longer has the beard and keeps his hair very short now.  I can see some smears from my fingers at the bottom, I'll have to be more careful with the next drawing. Graphite is messy and smears easily.

I hope to work on a sketch of my son Seth next. He sent me a good photo of him performing with his guitar on stage. That will be a challenge too, not just a face, but the torso, arms, microphone etc. Should be interesting.

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