Friday, April 18, 2008

leaving Egypt - the women's story

and God said,
go forth from eretz mitzraim

and the women said,
how shall we provide for our children?
our milk will dry up in the desert wind
our bodies will shrivel and
be one with the grains of sand

you will find water to drink
and manna to eat
your bodies will be fruitful
and bring forth the next generation
your children will dwell in the promised land
your daughters will be free women
and your sons will cherish them

do not be afraid
for I have chosen you
the descendants of Sarah, Rivkah,
Rachel, Leah, Bilhah and Zilpah
to be a blessing to the nations

trusting in God once again
they packed their possessions
joining Miriam in joyous song
they left their slavery behind

though they remain nameless to this day
we remember their courage every year
as we tell the Passover story

eretz mitzraim - the land of Egypt (Hebrew)

©1996, Linda H. Feinberg (This poem is in my chapbook "Gathering the Sparks)

Happy Passover. Enjoy and diet later!

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Bruce said...

Wonderful words which will grace my seder table...i envision my mother speaking the italics and my daughters speaking the rest.

Do i pay you a commission for use?