Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Four Entering Iran

Aboard the Los Angeles class nuclear submarine Trenton the sonar chief on watch is listening for unusual noises that might detect movement from Iran.

"Control room, sonar, I have a sonar contact bearing 270 degrees, range ten thousand yards. It is making sounds as if it is a dolphin class submarine and it's rising to the surface."

"Sonar, control room, are you positive of that, chief?"

"Well sir, if it's not, I'll buy you a bottle of scotch."

"Messenger of the watch ask the captain to come to the control room."

Captain James Blair arrives in the control room and asks the chief if he can tell them anything else.

Captain, she is on the surface and it sounds like she has off loaded two powered underwater sleds."

"Can you track those sleds, chief?" says the captain.

"Yes sir, they are headed towards the Iranian shore."

Captain Blair checks with the OOD, "You are still on silent running as ordered correct?"

"Yes sir, we are!"

"Chief, follow the tracks of those sleds. Keep us posted here in control."

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