Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Six NSA's Discovery

National Security Director John Walker arrives at the White House for his morning report to the president.

In the Oval Office , President Egan is listening to Allison McDonald, CIA Director as she gives her latest report. John Walker is escorted into the Oval Office by the secret service and takes a chair alongside of Allison.

"Sorry, I'm a couple of minutes late, we were stuck in traffic."

"Allison continue," says the president.

After her report, John Walker hands the president the original of his report and Allison a copy.

John begins, "Sir, most of that report is similar to what we discussed yesterday. However one of our satellite observers has been watching two human forms for four days, they travel only at nighttime."

John knows enough not to paint the whole picture at once.

"So what is so special about that?" asks the president.

"If we weren't looking for something covert possibly from Israel, I would say nothing. Yet here we have a team of two moving only under the cover of darkness.

"They have arrived at a location called Bampur and seem to have taken up temporary residence."

"Bampur, what the hell is there that the Israeli's know about and we don't."

"Allison, does the CIA have any idea?"

"No sir!"

"John what does the NSA know about Bampur?"

"Sir, I have to plead the same way Allison is, we don't have a clue what is going on there."

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