Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Two Meeting the Russian Mafiya

"I assume these are our guests that we are expecting from Pakistan. Grab a seat gentlemen. I don't have a great deal of time so let's get to the point." He doesn't even shake hands.

"Yes," Kamil says. "We were told by our fourth cousin that you could assist us in finding replacement parts for our business back home."

"What sort of business are you in?"

Hamid replies, "Our company is a brokerage company that obtains used equipment for many types of industries. Primarily we work with utilities and processing plants."

"What type of equipment are you looking for?"

"We have a list of mechanical components and even some electrical components that we are searching for to fulfill the needs of clients," replies Kamil.

"What kind of components?" The comment is made in a disparaging tone.

"The utilities we are looking to do business with are looking for large horsepower generators, impeller drives, gear reduction units, flow values, steam turbines and switch gear panels to operate their control rooms."

Hamid asks, "Is this something that you can assist us with or can you recommend someone else for us to visit while we are here?"

"Do you have the list with you?" Dimitri asks with a commanding tone.

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