Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chapter Twenty-Nine Entering Site One

"Let's take a break here, Mark and recon the area to see where the most advantageous spot is for us to set up. We need to keep within ranges to obtain emissions of any type and be able to record conversations."

"Natan, I'd like to suggest that when we leave here we take a dip in that body of water where we filled our water containers."

"Agreed, it will be a long time before we get to take a shower."

Viewing through their night vision equipment they pick a spot that will enable them to be within the ranges they need. They find a natural rise in the desert that offers them some height in order for them to observe what they believe is the front entrance of the facility.

Half way up the rise they dig out an area for them to maneuver around in. During daylight they will record whatever readings they can obtain and attempt to record voice conversations. During nighttime hours they will attempt to get closer to the facility to obtain more information hopefully without being detected.

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