Thursday, January 29, 2009

on shabbat

the angels danced
as we chanted shema yisroel
the angels danced
the sabbath bride had arrived
the rebbe in his kittel
his white beard flowing
swaying to lecho dodi
his arms upraised
his face glowing
with love
with joy
the angels danced
and are dancing still

©1995 Linda H. Feinberg

shabbat - the sabbath
shema yisroel - "Hear O' Israel" (prayer affirming one God)
lecho dodi - welcoming prayer to the beloved bride (the sabbath)
rebbe - a respected learned man
kittel - a long white garment worn for holy days
(Hebrew & Yiddish words)


Bruce said...

Nice very very nice.

Linda H. Feinberg said...

Thanks, Bruce. This was the image I saw in my mind many years ago while at a Friday evening service. The "angels" were just auras of light. The "rebbe" I saw in my mind looked a lot like Reb Zalman (not like the actual rabbi on the pulpit).

Bruce said...

You should many more such visions, by the grace of G*d.