Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chapter Thirty-Eight Getting Debriefed Inside Mossad Headquarters

“Wish we could have gotten more,” Natan says. “We could only work with what we had.”

“Trust me, you did fine,” Ariel assures them. “Now, the building you requested we monitor by satellite seems to be some type of technical assembly room for engineers. We have been watching it now for over two weeks. Only five men have been using it, which leads us to think that it must hold something of a highly secret nature. Especially as it appears to be guarded twenty-four hours a day.”

“That was our impression,” Mark confirms and Ariel nods.

“Last but not least, the conversations you picked up from the five men who went swimming outside of the fence area, is nothing short of alarming. It sounds as if Iran is redesigning their latest missile to be capable of being fired from a submerged submarine. Not the kind of news you want to hear as we prepare to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, I am afraid.”

Both Natan and Mark register a degree of alarm appropriate to Ariel’s remarks.

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