Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chapter Forty Mossad goes to Washington

President Egan replies, “We know of a number of facilities producing weapons grade materials. They already have four Kilos. What makes Bampur different and two more subs big news for you?”

Ariel responds, “Their Shahab 3 with a nuclear warhead possibly being fired from a submarine is big news for us. It is something you possibly should be concerned about as well. “Also, Bampur is not enriching uranium. It is reprocessing plutonium.”

Suddenly startled, everyone else in the Oval Office just looks at each other. Damn this is a new area they were not aware of.

“John, why don’t you share with Ariel, how we found out about his insertion and how we monitored their movements until they departed.”

John Walker goes into the explanation from the time the Los Angeles class submarine tracked their sub, to the National Security satellites tracking the team.

Ariel smiles because he is not surprised that this happened. He is just thankful it was not an Iranian submarine.

The president asks, “Ariel, are you receiving any word of the Russian Mafiya working with the Iranians?”

“No sir, not to the best of my knowledge.”

“Allison, tell Ariel what your contacts found around Bampur after his team left, what we know of the two remaining Kilos in Russia and the Mafiya.” Allison goes on to explain to Ariel what she had previously reported to the president.

Again, Ariel is not surprised at what he is hearing. “Thank you for sharing this information. It is most helpful. The real reason I am here on the orders of our prime minister is the following. Our team recorded some conversations with five individuals who were swimming just outside of the Bandar Abbas base. We believe that they are engineers and are working on redesigning their Shabab 3 missile so it can be fired from their Kilos. The comments specifically said, “Won’t the United States be surprised.” Another comment said, “So will Israel.”

“If that is not something for the two of our countries to be concerned with, I don’t know what is.”

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