Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chapter Thirty-Nine The President speaks with Israel's Prime Minister

President Egan picks up his phone, “Yaakov, how was dinner?”

“Well, Mr. President, dinner was the usual stuff but the Knesset discussion was more than enlightening for a change. You don’t call me this late in the day without good reason, what is going on?”

“Well Yaakov, a certain situation has surfaced that we need to clear up immediately.”

“A certain situation, can you be more specific?”

“We identified one of your dolphin submarines off of the coast of Iran a couple of weeks ago. We know the submarine placed a covert team inside of Iran.”

(Pause) NO REPLY

President Egan continues, “The navy advised me regarding the drop and I ordered our National Security people to monitor the team. We tracked your people to Bampur and then to Bandar Abbas. We do know that they have departed Iran. We assume it was by submarine. I didn’t want to contact you until I knew the team was safe and secure.”

“If what you say is true, sir, I will have to check with our IDF to find out who authorized such a mission. This is highly irregular for us to enter Iran.”

“Well, we think so too, Yaakov. However, you might have decided that it was necessary.”

“Give me a couple of days, Mr. President and I will get back to you.”

“Fair enough,” You sly old fox got yourself caught in the hen house, did you?

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