Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chapter Forty-One Mafiya Sends Sample From Nuclear Warhead

“Alright Dimitri, this is what we will do. Hamid is going to send you a titanium container with a lead lining. We are going to ship you this container via United Parcel Service over-night. Your people will place the sample in this container and lead seal it so it cannot be removed. United Parcel will provide you with a return shipping label that will enable you to return the container to us without any charge. You must mark the contents as x-ray materials for lab use. We are not intending to value the components other than their normal insurance benefits so as not to arouse any interest in it. The package will be returned to us via over-night delivery. The day you send the package to UPS and we have a tracking number we will electronically transfer your initial deposit.”

“How will you know the tracking number from United Parcel Service?”

“Having an account with United Parcel we will receive an e-mail saying the package has been picked up and giving us a time of delivery. Now it is up to you to give me your account number so we can wire you the money.”

“Just a minute while I get my checking account number.”

After obtaining the numbers, Kamil tells Dimitri the container will be shipped out to him tomorrow and he will have the package the following day. He also tells him to turn it around for reshipment within twenty-four hours.

Kamil hangs up the phone and pushes off the speaker button. “What do you think, Hamid?”

“I think Jibril’s idea of waiting ten days has really got him anxious to get his money.”“I believe you are correct. I don’t believe both of us have to go to Pakistan to send the container and wait for the return shipment. Do you want to go or should I go?”

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