Friday, February 27, 2009

What Is Social Entrepreneurial Student Leadership?

On Wednesday, February 11th, I had the distinct pleasure of volunteering for the SESL high school kick-off held in Concord at the Grappone Center. This is the fourth year of this organization's existence co-founded by Howard Brodsky CEO and Chairman of CCA Global Partners and Elizabeth Foy. Along with nineteen other business leaders who volunteered and over 100 students from 15 high schools around the state, an atmosphere of impressive innovation allowed the students to consider what goals their teams could set for community projects which also enable them to learn entrepreneurial and leaderships skills in the process of achieving these goals.

Some of the goals spoken were: a fund raising program to benefit Children's Hospital at Dartmouth, developing a program to better prepare teachers to work with today's modern students, global awareness, organizing a recycling program, benefiting a homeless shelter, another program to benefit the elderly in nursing homes, preparing monthly charity food nights at a homeless shelter and on and on.

You can follow the progress of these wonderful students and observe how they achieve their goals and follow the group's events by bookmarking and logging onto:

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