Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cold Beauty

Waiting for inspiration to come
     on a frigid night
Minus six outside and dropping
     icicles hanging down
Too cold for stargazing
     even the windows are frosted.
Yet the sun was out today
     although the high temperature
     only hovered around zero.
The squirrels were out too ‑‑
     snatching stale donuts
     from a hanging basket,
     chasing away the starlings.
The children stayed out to
     ride the sled
          laughing down the hill
          ignoring the cold
Cheeks all rosy
     when they came in
          to warm up at the stove
Hot cocoa and popcorn
     to fill them.
Others may choose milder climates
But I prefer it here
     the snow frosted tree limbs
          delight the eye
And the changing seasons
     satisfy the psyche.

ã1990 Linda H. Feinberg from “red poppies and green clover”

This is an old poem probably written around 1983 when I was living in Derry, New Hampshire. I thought it was appropriate for winter. I am looking out my window today and watching the beautiful snow falling. I remembered that line "snow frosted tree limbs" -- that's what made me think of this old poem.

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