Sunday, March 16, 2008

Reducing your anxiety about your horses when you're away

What do you need to learn about having just anyone sit your horses?

What did I hear you say, you can’t take time off because you don’t know who you can trust with your horses? Maybe, you’ve had bad experiences in the past with others you have hired. I hear these statements often and some sad tales as well.

Possibly you are not doing your homework. Possibly you are unaware there are individuals available who are experienced professional horse sitters.

There is a way to reduce your anxiety about leaving your horses when you go away, by finding a reliable horse sitter.

One key way is to check with veterinary offices, feed stores, farriers, boarding stables, newspapers where a professional sitter may advertise, or even website links for their postings, for those who service your area.

Starting in two weeks, I will post a series of information, providing what horse owners should expect from a professional sitter. I hope that you enjoy them.

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