Friday, March 7, 2008

Art Exhibit

My art exhibit is up at the Federation , 698 Beech Street, Manchester, NH and I have been receiving positive feedback. I have a basket of card samples in the anteroom, prints and paintings in the hallway. I have already sold one oil pastel (redbud tree with verse from Song of Songs - on right) and I’m very happy about that. As a student artist I always have anxiety about how my “vision” will be received, but so far so good!

Winter is still here, but we are thinking about spring and summer plans. We can see a little bit of grass peaking through the snow. The sun even comes out to play from time to time although the trees have been dancing quite a bit with the heavy winds. Some mornings I actually hear the birds singing. A good sign.

We received a brochure in the mail about a retreat center in New York. While browsing, I saw a familiar artist’s name and I am hoping to take a workshop with him this summer. Joe could also attend the center and take a different workshop. We are still researching and waiting for more information from other places we have attended in the past, but I’m leaning toward this one.

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Bruce said...

A beautiful illustration of the Song of Songs!