Monday, March 3, 2008

Behind the Lies

The following scene is one of a number of military strikes against the United States by Iranian submarines in my first novel, "Behind the Lies."

Kilo 102 launches its cruise missile aimed at San Francisco. On the surface, the winds and rain along with five foot waves are tossing every vessel around like corks. As the missile rises above the surface, the guided missile destroyer USS Hawkeye DDG 94 spots it on its Combat Information Center radar. Trying desperately to destroy the missile before it gets out of range; they begin to rotate their surface-to- air launcher in the direction of the missile. Suddenly the launcher ceases to operate. Attempt after attempt to restart provides no results. Their last resort is to notify Pacific Naval Command and tell them the shore based batteries must deal with the incoming missile. California’s National Guard manning the defense batteries are new to combat. The soldiers are visibly frightened by the enormous task they just received. Anxiously, they begin searching for the incoming on their radar screens. Locating the inbound missile they fire two surface-to-air missiles. Will they be on target and in time to save the city?

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Bruce said...

I can actually imagine this happening...G*d help us.

Keep up the great blogging!