Sunday, August 3, 2008

montañas verdes

connecting with a classmate from my college Spanish classes
forty years ago brings a few words of Spanish to my mind
she moved south to a place of sun and heat
I chose the north with its snow, ice and beautiful green mountains

our paths diverged in other ways
mine as a wandering Jew who went through a divorce
before settling down again in my chosen place
in a city, but near enough to my beloved mountains,
woods and lakes with my new love many years ago

again, as senior women, our paths diverge
as we move into the autumn of our lives
grateful for each day I still have my husband
and sorrowful for my friends who have lost
or are losing their life partners

are there any words to say to offer comfort?
I don’t know them. I can only offer to listen,
to be kind, to invite for shabbat dinner on occasion.

may your memories bring you some comfort
may you find joy and peace in each sunrise
and know that a rainbow appears after a storm

copyright 2008 Linda H. Feinberg

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