Monday, July 28, 2008

Chapter Fourteen US Military Strategy

Just before noon, the president's secretary advises him that the three military leaders are on the phone waiting for him to pick up.

"Admiral, generals, it is now three weeks since we met in the Situation Room and I am looking for an update on your strategy presentations.

"We will be meeting in three more weeks and I want each of you to come prepared to make strong points in whatever direction you recommend.

"I don't plan for this session to be a cake walk. I may get loud and emotional and I welcome you to do the same. Whatever goes on in that room will stay in that room.

"We have the safety and future of our country and the free world at stake.

"Janet will call you and give you a time and date for the meeting."

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Bruce said...

OK, i'm does it end:

*defeat...all of us wearing burkas, even the men