Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chapter Twelve Covert Decision

On the fourteenth day of the promised two weeks, Natan calls Yosef.

With both his palms beginning to sweat, Yosef asks, "What did you and Mark decide?"

"We believe we need to have a second meeting. We think your plan might have merit. There are a number of issues we need to work out together.

"If we can come to a reasonable agreement for the overall operation and the costs then possibly we can come to terms."

"What are your terms?"

"Yosef, Yosef, this is not something that can be decided over the phone. Have Ariel come by with you, if he is the real decision maker. If he is not, then bring whoever is the decision maker."

Yosef hangs up his phone and sits staring blankly at his office wall as if it had a video on it.

My God, maybe this is a good idea after all.

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