Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The First of Elul (September 1st this year)

the first of Elul, 5758
a foggy morning on Mt. Kearsarge, NH

we ascend as our ancestors did
to pray and listen to the voice
of the shofar as it sounds
from the top of a mountain

we hear it call us
to return to our Jewish roots
as partners with each other
and with God

to begin the month of Elul
with a loud "tekiah"
a wake up to repent
to turn and return
to make new, make better
make a difference
to forgive and be forgiven

a call to prayer, to song,
to meditate
to leave behind our spiritual fog
and feel the divine presence

our voices rise in song
as we descend the mountain
the fog lifts
a gentle rain falls
and we understand why Jews
have always loved mountains

©1998 Linda H. Feinberg

1 comment:

Bruce said...

I recall this poem from a few years back [before blogs]. The last line stuck in my mind all these years!