Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chapter Fifteen It's a Go!

Ariel said, "When everything is set up for a launch date this is where we want you to go.

"There are a number of nuclear sites our intelligence and U. S. intelligence have identified. We know of another site no one seems to be talking about yet.

"We want you to monitor the site at Bampur. Our people think this out of the way location is doing uranium enrichment. We suspect its out of the way location was chosen so others would not consider it a possible site. We haven't heard a peep about this place yet. We suspect the security might be relaxed in order for it not to be a dead give away to anyone watching.

"Afterwards, we want you to monitor the military installation at Bandar Abbas. Security there could be problematic. We are looking for you to intercept communications and see what you can learn about their Kilo subs."

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