Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chapter Seventeen US Military Strategy

The president says, "Now, for the rest of the morning I want to hear and see what the three of you planned for an attack."

Presentations are made to the president and the four of them debate the strengths and weakness of each approach.

"It is now almost noon," spoke the president, "I'm having Janet send down an assortment of cold drinks and sandwiches for us to have lunch. Let's break now and go into our second scenario afterwards."

"Sir, if I may," asks the admiral, "Why is it that your staff and the Joint Chief are absent from this meeting?"

"Fair question, I knew all of you were thinking of it. I have to make the final decision. There will be plenty of time for my staff to get their political comments into the picture, before I do. I also feel that when someone is promoted to Joint Chief of Staff, they get politically involved and may not give me the military answers I am looking for. Gentlemen, you are the ones with your asses on the line after I make that decision. I expect better responses from the three of you. That is why I said that nothing will go out of this room."

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