Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chapter Sixteen Getting to Russia

Arriving at the airport the driver leaves them off at the front entrance, and quickly departs without even saying have a good trip. At the inside monitor they check on their departure time. Their flight to Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) is on schedule, so they check their luggage and proceed through security. Their carry on bags will go into the racks above their seats.

On their way to the gate they stop and browse at a newsstand. Each of them buys a Pakistani newspaper.

Sitting at the gate, Kamil leans over to to Hamid and whispers, "There is a man standing by the entrance to the newsstand. He followed us around when we were inside. I may be getting paranoid now, but for some reason I think we have a tail."

Knowing enough not to look around and seem obvious Hamid says, "When we board the flight let's see what he does. It may be airport security or it could be someone Jibril ordered to follow us. I wouldn't put that past him."

Thirty minutes later Kamil and Hamid board the plane and take their seats. The man from in front of the newsstand boards as well, and takes his seat two rows behind them.

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