Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chapter Eighteen Planning To Insert Into Iran

While Natan is speaking with Yosef on the phone, Mark is hanging blown up satellite pictures of their two target areas on the walls.

When Natan hangs up Mark says, "Lets lay out a grid for ourselves as how we need to enter Iran, time to the first target area, time spent at the first site."

"Mark what is the distance you have measured from the closest entry point to the first area?"

"Just under a hundred kilometers," replies Mark.

Natan says, "My thoughts are that they deliver us by submarine, and then they take us as close to shore as possible by underwater sleds."

"You know, Natan, this operation can never have an emergency extraction. If we get spotted inside of Iran, no one is going to do a fly by to get us out. It's our tits in the wringer."

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