Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chapter Twenty Setting an Insertion Date into Iran

Natan begins by saying, "Captain we want you to transport us and to retrieve us as we have already accomplished two IDF missions with you as the commanding officer of the submarines we rode in on.

"Our mission will take anywhere from six to eight weeks to fully accomplish what the Mossad wishes to learn. Mark's and my greatest concern is how to be extracted if we develop circumstances that jeopardize our safety and requires us to abort the mission for Israel's sake not just our sake."

"Natan, I remember having you and Mark on the two missions you speak of. I feel comfortable with both of you doing this even though there is tremendous risk. What are you really asking me? Will my submarine always be around in case of emergencies? Based on the information I know, we cannot wait offshore for you. Can we stay in the area, yes if I am given orders to do so? Is that what you are waiting to hear?

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