Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chapter Twenty-One Enroute to Iran via Submarine

After breakfast Natan asks, "Commander, can we meet with the sled team that we will be working with?"

"Natan, the team you will be working with are both standing watch right now. I will get word to them that they can meet you in the wardroom at 1330. This will give the officers a chance to finish lunch without rushing and you can use the wardroom with some privacy. I can't imagine trying to make you do that in my stateroom."

Mark laughs, "Oh, I agree, Commander that would be a little tight."

At 1330 quartermaster first class Brian Greenberg and radioman second class Hal Michaelson knock on the wardroom door. Natan opens the door and invites them in.

Natan introduces himself and Mark then the four shake hands and sit down at the dining table. Plans are discussed on how to disembark from the submarine taking both Natan and Mark out by sled along with the gear they are carrying. Mark also makes a point of how they can be retrieved, plus the signaling process they will use to insure the team who they are.

Brian asks, "Are we correct in understanding you want us to take you only within thirty meters offshore?"

Mark replies, "Yes, we would like to travel just below the surface until we reach that distance. From that point on we will inflate the floatation devices. We will mount our air tanks onto your sleds and snorkel to shore."

Hal questions, "Will we be retrieving your gear when you are returning as well as yourselves? We need to know in order for us to insure we have the appropriate hookups on the sleds. I imagine you want us to just reverse the process and that means we also bring your tanks back."

Natan answers, "We will be taking back everything that we have not used while in the desert. We do not want to leave anything behind to indicate we were there. Yes, we will need our tanks for the return to the sub."

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